It’s a pee party, y’all!

January 25th, 2011 12:08 pm by mad mags

At the risk of turning this into a fluffy cute doggie blog, I come bearing MORE PICTURES of my furkids. Brace yourselves, people.

The dogs have this crazy adorable habit, which I’m sure is rather common in multi-dog households: whenever they find a particularly desirable patch of grass or smelly object on which to urinate, they’ll form a “pee line” of two dogs or more (the most I’ve witnessed is four; ever the loner, Jayne rarely participates in these group activities) kan sonos app niet downloaden. Each dog will mark over the scent of her predecessor, until everyone has had a turn. My favorite part is when the dog at the front of the line (usually Kaylee) returns to the end of the queue in order to mark over everyone else’s scents herunterladen. What did I say? ADORABLE.

I rarely have a camera on hand when impromptu scenes such as these unfold (ditto: penis-sniffing), but the other night, the wintry weather was on my side herunterladen. More often than not, the dogs do their biz right on the patio, rather than wander around in the snow. A popular pee spot is on the leg of a patio bench; also: right on the house and just outside the patio door download the image editing program free of charge. (The dogs, they know how to pick their spots. Not.) During their daily post-dinner bathroom break, I had my camera ready.

Ralphie was up first, followed by O-Ren and Kaylee (naturally, I forgot the flash in the first photo) heart image.

2011-01-23 - Snowy Patio at Night - 0001

2011-01-23 - Snowy Patio at Night - 0002

2011-01-23 - Snowy Patio at Night - 0003

2011-01-23 - Snowy Patio at Night - 0004

Is it weird that I enjoy this so motorrad spiele kostenlos downloaden? Kaylee in particular impresses me, as she can mark just as high – if not higher than – the boys. Wonder Beyatch, represent herunterladen!

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One Response to “It’s a pee party, y’all!”

  1. Vegan Flower Says:

    Aw, lol! I would enjoy this, too. My girls have never done this, but they do love to check each other’s “spots” to see how things are going. :)

    In our old house, they would often poop on our deck in the winter. Thus, it became known as the poop deck.

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