Everyday Ironies*: It’s Alive!

January 27th, 2011 1:03 pm by mad mags

New photo series, y’all! (And by “series,” I mean that I have two entries in the queue, with nothing necessarily planned beyond that farming simulator for free in 2016. So don’t get too excited, mkay.)

Earlier this month, while flipping through the DISH menu, I came upon the following listing:

2011-01-10 - Dish DVR Menu - 0006

Some disgusting, bullshit speciesist programming called the “Northern Livestock Video Auction,” running on channel 219 android email anhang herunterladen. The channel’s alphabetic code? “ALIVE.”

Apparently 219 is a shopping channel, described by DISH thusly: “American Auction Network-Live Shopping, Live Cattle Auctions, Informerical.”

How they chose the code “ALIVE” in relation to this channel – and its content – I know not; but the dissonance is so thick, I could cut it with…a steak knife pdfen ing.

* Updated to add: Yeah, so I decided to change the name of this series from “Everyday Aberrations” to “Everyday Ironies,” the latter being my first choice. Granted, I may not always use the term properly, but…the universe will not implode. Plus, it makes for a catchier title…don’t you think?

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One Response to “Everyday Ironies*: It’s Alive!”

  1. Bea Ⓥ Elliott Says:

    Ghastly! Bull Sperm sales online… And slave auctions on t.v. There is no end to their greed, or their abuse to life. Totally speciesists… Totally off the mark. :(

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