furkid friday: an extra-special inaugural/birthday edition!

March 11th, 2011 11:04 am by Kelly Garbato

2005-03-11 - O-Ren's Animal Haven Pics02

3/11/05 – A photo from O-Ren’s (then Angelica’s) Petfinder listing.

New feature! Because everyone adores my furkids as much as I do, yes? Every Friday, a new picture (or series of) of the furkids. It’s like Jennie’s Wordless Wednesday, but on a Friday.

Seriously, though, this is mostly for my own benefit. I haven’t made a habit of writing about my furry friends during this blog’s (almost!) five-year run – navel gaze much? – and thus never realized how much I might enjoy it. And in the absence of more traditional, paper and print albums (which I stopped keeping years ago), these “fluffy fun” posts will, I imagine – someday! – become a cherished keepsake.

To pile on the sentimentality, today also just so happens to be O-Ren’s 7th birthday and the six-year anniversary of her adoption day! It’s a total coincidence, I swear; I’ve been thinking about reviving the old “Friday Random Cuteness” feature for a few months now, long before Rennie’s big day was on my radar. But since it is her day, this edition of furkid friday will be a special one, dedicated to my little lady. I love her something awful, and I’m sure you will too.

2011-02-14 - Rennie Princess - 0002

2/14/11 – As a Valentine’s Day present to myself, I dressed the dogs in some pretty new outfits (Dollar Store, holla!) and snapped a few quick photos. With her pink sparkles, Rennie was my fairy princess!

2011-02-14 - Yoga, Downdog - 0008

2/14/11 – Rennie and Kaylee join me in yoga with a downward dog pose.

2011-02-14 - Lemmy vs. the Dogs - 0001

2/14/11 – Jayne and Rennie harass Lemmy on the dog side/cat side baby gate.* Curiously, while O-Ren is fine when in the same room with Lemmy, she will bark at him when they’re separated. Silly girl.
* Hint: if you can’t spot Lemmy, click on the pic to embiggen in Flickr. If you still can’t find him, look for the note!

2011-02-12 - Rennie's Coma Cozy (tm) - 0006

2/12/11 – O-Ren shows off her Coma Cozy ™ prototype. Stephen Colbert, look out!

2011-02-12 - Rennie's Coma Cozy (tm) - 0012

2/12/11 – O-Ren has emerged from her Coma Cozy coma! It’s a miracle!

2011-01-29 - Dog-Cat Mixer - 0020

2011-01-29 - Dog-Cat Mixer - 0029

2011-01-29 - Dog-Cat Mixer - 0015

2011-01-29 - Dog-Cat Mixer - 0037

2011-01-29 - Dog-Cat Mixer - 0045

1/29/11 – Occasionally I take the dogs – a few at a time, and mostly the more agreeable ones, i.e., Peedee, O-Ren and Kaylee – on the “cat side” of the house, so that they can get used to Lemmy (and Lemmy, them). While Peedee’s a little freaked out by kitteh – note the wide berth he gives Lemmy in the second photo down – and Kaylee, thoroughly indifferent, Rennie seems to get on well with him. These pics were taken during our very first “dog/cat mixer” which, incidentally, took place on Vegan Pizza Day. Peace and love through vegan nomz!

2011-01-25 - Rennie & Lemmy - 0003

2011-01-25 - Rennie & Lemmy - 0001

2011-01-25 - Rennie & Lemmy - 0004

1/25/10 – During his first time on the “dog side” of the house, Lemmy strolls around the kitchen in search of food, Rennie close on his heels. Note the puzzled confusion: “WTF you doin’, kitteh?” Adorable!
(On a side note: RIP kitteh balls, 2010-2011.)

Happy Birthday, Rennie! You’re all kinds of awesome – your taste for cat poo notwithstanding.

Time for a walk?

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4 Responses to “furkid friday: an extra-special inaugural/birthday edition!”

  1. Vegan Flower Says:

    Furkid Friday- I love it! Happy birthday O-Ren! <3

  2. The Perfect Pizza Press » Blog Archive » Saturday Garbage Plate: Pizza and Pups Says:

    […] was our little Rennie’s birthday/adoption day anniversary! Go tweet her some love, won’t […]

  3. Shannon (Vegan Burnout) Says:

    Two thoughts:

    1. If I tried to dress up Lucy and take pictures, she’d be all, “Bitch, please.” Said another way, I envy your small portable dogs that you can abuse photographically.
    2. I found myself wondering about the fate of Lemmy’s sack right before reading your “RIP kitteh ballz” note. I’m sick.

  4. Kelly Garbato Says:

    @ Shannon – #1 – You’ve got to pounce quick, before she knows what hit her! Think: a blitzkrieg of cuteness. Also, treats help ease the pain and embarrassment.

    (Except for Peedee, who views dress-up as a reward in and of itself. Mommy’s boy!)

    #2 – I know! :(

    We tried to inquire, in a roundabout way (so as to not sound like total weirdos) about sterilization sans castration – like a vasectomy – but no go. It doesn’t sound like many vets offer that procedure.

    He’s doing really well, though; the evening of the surgery, he was already back to jumping and running and making a pain of himself. No worse for wear. So that’s a good thing.

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