furkid friday, on a tuesday…

March 15th, 2011 11:26 am by Kelly Garbato

…’cause eight years ago today, we welcomed a scrappy little monster named Peedee into our lives!

2003-03-15 - RalphiePeedee15

3/15/03 – Peedee and Ralphie play together during Peedee’s first few hours home. fyi, the maroon-colored harness and collar didn’t last but a year before Peedee chewed through them; now his color is black. Just one of many reasons why we call him the Peedee Monster.

Oh my dog, I can’t believe that Peedee used to be Rennie-sized! And Ralphie was so tubby. It’s a wonder what taking up digging did for him! Like Tae Bo for dogs, I tell you what.

Anyway, I’ll probably take the lil’ guy (“lil’ guy”? wtf! my baby is almost nine years old!) walking this afternoon, once the weather warms up. Until then, here are some warm, cozy photos I took of the dogs lounging in the afternoon sun last month. Around 4 PM, the sunlight hits the couch in the office, at which point everyone crowds the cushions, jostling for maximum exposure. A half hour later, most of them have jumped ship; you can find them scattered on the floor, panting and trying to cool off. Super cute.

2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0016

2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0015

2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0024

2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0045

2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0051

2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0055

2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0058

2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0060

By the by, Peedee is the black and white, long-legged rat terrier; O-Ren, the tiny, pokey white one with slightly reddish-brown patches of fur; and Kaylee is the mushy, marshmallowy-looking rat terrier mix. Of course, Ralphie is the one-eyed wiener dog. (He’s kind of hard to miss in this crowd!) Jayne, not pictured (probably she was off stalking the kittehs while these photos were taken), is the big and beefy rat/Jack Russell terrier mix who always looks an odd mix of grumpy and anxious.

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  1. Vegan Flower Says:

    Happy Gotcha day, Peedee!!

  2. The Perfect Pizza Press » Blog Archive » Saturday Garbage Plate: Silly Sweet Pizza Says:

    […] was our furkid Peedee’s eighth Adoption Day! We love you, Peedee […]

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