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2010-05-01 - Geese & Goslings - 0054 [flickr - cropped]

Two geese, swimming in the pond, waddling through the pastures abv herunterladen. I’ve been watching them all week. At least one week, possible two. Watching, wondering, revering, daydreaming. Could it possibly be the same pair from last year wie kann man herunterladen musik? The same mother and father who built a home within a stone’s throw of our own, nesting and laying and incubating, eventually welcoming their children into this cruel and beautiful and remarkable world in the relative safety of our pond and its shores, teaching them to fly, swim, graze and live playbacks kostenlos downloaden?

Have the birds I fell so in love with last year returned?

Ducks Unlimited (ugh, I know, it was the first useful result to come up!) suggests yes:

When do they breed TV shows legally?

Generally speaking, Canada geese do not breed until they are two or three years of age. Breeding takes place earlier in the year than it does for most birds so that their young hatch right when the plant food they need is in its prime downloaden auf deutsch.

When it comes time to choose a nesting site to lay the eggs, the female always returns to the same area where her parents nested. While there are exceptions, females will usually return to the same nesting area every year tamilische schriften kostenlos.

Do Canada geese form families?

The Canada goose is a very family-oriented bird. Usually in their second year of life, Canada geese find a mate and stay together for life herunterladen. However, if one mate dies, the other will re-mate.

Breeding takes place earlier in the year, with nesting usually happening from late March to early May gba pokemon roms german download for free. Once the eggs are laid, the female incubates them until they hatch around 28 days later.

During the nesting and incubation period, the male stays near the nest and keeps a close eye on the female and the eggs spotify auf iphone herunterladen. If a predator should threaten them, the male will attempt to protect the nest by luring the predator away.

Wherever they are, I hope they’ve survived wieder lila kostenlos herunterladen. The babies, too. And maybe I’ll be lucky enough to witness the birth of another generation again this spring. ‘Twas by far the highlight of the season.

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  1. Shannon (Vegan Burnout) Says:

    Gorgeous photo. Yay geese!

  2. furkid friday: happy mother’s day » V for Vegan: Says:

    […] from top-left: the family of geese who shared “my” pond last year, and who have returned again this season (no goslings yet though!); my sister Michelle and brother Mike cuddle and comfort our canine […]

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