furkid friday: lemmy (is no longer new, but still kitteh-like)

April 15th, 2011 3:42 pm by Kelly Garbato

2011-04-05 - Lemmy - 0004

Me: Okay, the afternoon sun is shining on your side of the house.

2011-04-05 - Lemmy - 0017

Lemmy: Silly human. The only times I recognize are “mealtime” and “playtime” and, since I don’t see any nomz around, YOU WILL ENTERTAIN ME.

2011-04-05 - Lemmy - 0009

Me: Compromise, then? I’ll photograph us playing?

2011-04-05 - Lemmy - 0011

Lemmy: Say again? I was distracted by your deliciously amusing camera strap.

2011-04-05 - Lemmy - 0010

Lemmy: If you’re lucky, this will tide me over until dinner.
If not, you might want to pick your fleshy face up off the floor.
Your nomz are my nomz. Just sayin’.

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