furkid friday: bendy twisty rat terrier noses

April 29th, 2011 11:21 am by Kelly Garbato

I’m forever amazed (and amused) at the degree to which the rat terriers – particularly Rennie and Peedee – are able to bend and twist their noses whilst sniffing a scent on the breeze. So flexible, it’s almost as if they’re made of rubber!

I mean holy Ceiling Cat, Rennie must have her nose cocked at a 15-20 degree angle here! You can practically see an invisible pair of fingers twisting it to the side.

2011-04-28 - O-Ren - 0004

I didn’t manage to photograph an equally impressive example for Peedee yesterday, but this one gives you an idea:

2011-04-28 - Peedee - 0007

That little pink strip running down the middle of his nose? It should be perfectly vertical. His poo sensors must be kicking in, for it to be all off-kilter like that.

That is all.

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2 Responses to “furkid friday: bendy twisty rat terrier noses”

  1. Shannon (Vegan Burnout) Says:

    Rennie is like the canine version of Samantha from Bewitched. That is a seriously mobile schnoz. I wonder what she’d conjure?

  2. Kelly Garbato Says:


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