vegan nomz roundup!: pizza ed.

May 14th, 2011 5:10 pm by mad mags

2011-04-12 - Pizza To-Do List 01

Make pizza, photograph pizza, eat pizza, blog pizza, repeat.

Lately I’ve been all about food and furkids. More specifically, pizza & ice cream and cats & dogs. It’s my own form of escapism, yo. (Burnout, who me?) So, while it might seem like I haven’t been up to much lately – particularly to those of you who just follow me here – the truth is that I’m still blogging, just in other spaces, including a few new places.

For instance: fuck yeah vegan pizza and fuck yeah vegan ice cream. I started these sister blogs on tumblr after realizing that my food self can basically be boiled down to these two foodstuffs. (And further realizing that posting mouth-watering photos of gooey, oozy, melty, cheesy pizza slices and delightfully decadent frozen desserts is worlds more fun than beating my head against the twin walls of speciesism and misogyny that encircle the feminist and animal advocacy communities. End: rant.) If you’re on tumblr, please follow and submit! (Photos, not yourself!) If not, sign up. I need you!

Also, I’ve been cooking up a storm in my real-world kitchen too, experimenting with new pizza and ice cream recipes, some of them developed by my own bad self heidepark image. (Which would explain why I’ve gained ten lbs. since x-mas, but I digress.) Possibly you might be wondering where in the worlds I’ve been hoarding these delicious new dishes? Though I’ll save the ice cream not-porn for another day – this post is called “vegan nomz roundup!: pizza ed.” for a reason, peoples! – today I’d like to talk about some of the many pizzas I’ve made so far this year. All of the recipes are available on the PPP blog. (ETA: I also post uber-adorable photos of adoptable animals every Friday! You’ve been warned!)

(Certainly you remember the Perfect Pizza Press, yes? It’s a pizza cutter-esque kitchen utensil that Shane invented in ’09. He hired a welder to make a prototype based on his design and, when it proved a success, we decided to sell it online herunterladen. While the website has been functional for months now, the presses are not yet available for purchase. Obtaining samples from local manufacturers has proven slow-going, and my recent health issues haven’t exactly sped things along. During the limbo we’ve been feasting on vegan pizza – for the blog/business, of course – so it’s a wash I guess!)

Possibly you’ll find that some of these pies are a repeat; if so, this is only because they rocked so hard the first time that they could not be denied an encore!

Listed in reverse chronological order; if you do nothing else, you simply must scroll through for the awesomness that is the Garbage Plate Pizza! Look for it in the middle.

And yes, I realize that these are all terribly unhealthy, over-processed, fat-laden dishes; again, see: my recent unexpected weight gain. (Unexpected? What did I think would happen when I bought Daiya in bulk? Play with fire much?) The good news? Now that I’m overhauling my diet to include pizzas with less or no cheese; thinner crusts topped with more fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds; and dough involving a greater variety of flours, future dishes will (mostly) be on the healthy side. Consider this the junk food pizza roundup.

Personal Pita Pizzas dvd herunterladen!

2011-04-02 - Kelly's Pita Pizza - 0002

2011-04-02 - Shane's Pita Pizza - 0002

Made with freshly baked pita bread from the Jerusalem Cafe (their hummus? AWESOME!), these (fraternal) twin pizzas are topped with mozzarella Follow Your Heart, black olives and Lightlife Smart Pepperoni (top) and cheddar Follow Your Heart, black olives and a few diced cutlets of Harvest Direct Soy Chiken (from a box!; bottom). Mine is by far the better looking of the two, don’t you think?

Taco Pizza I

2011-04-09 - Taco & Cheesy Crust Pizzas - 0018

Seeing as I’m no fan of spicy hot foods, this pie is Shane’s baby all the way. So named because there are infinite variations on the “taco” theme, this version sports salsa, Protean taco “meat,” cheddar Follow Your Heart, black olives and jalapenos. Probably some hot sauce as well, if I know Shane. (And I’d like to think I do!)

Cheesy Crust Pizza

Since I’m still tweaking the formula, I don’t yet have a recipe to share. But this pizza was so melty good that I couldn’t pass it up!

2011-04-09 - Taco & Cheesy Crust Pizzas - 0013

2011-04-09 - Taco & Cheesy Crust Pizzas - 0061

2011-04-09 - Taco & Cheesy Crust Pizzas - 0061 [modified-fullfrontalpizza]

Full frontal Daiya, fuck yeah sky on demand herunterladen!

(I accidentally set this image as my desktop background. It’s so ginormous, most of the screen is dominated by the tips of the slices. Good morning, pizza! I guess it beats Peedee’s tail – also accidentally set to background – but still. Easy on the eyes; the diet, not so much.)

Not-So-Thin Whole Wheat Crust Pizza

2011-04-03 - Pizza - 0007

I wanted a thin crust pizza, and Shane delivered with mixed results. Yummy, but not exactly a “thin” crust – more like medium in thickness. But the edges of the crust crisped up quite nicely where they met the pizza press. SCORE!

Fluffy White Pizza Crust, DIY Vegan Styley

I’m fairly certain I blogged this recipe years ago, but just in case.

2010-04-30 - Daiya Pizza - 0018

Also, see how I went all nom on that pie’s ass Spotify android? I AM THE KELLY MONSTER! Like Cookie but vegan, and with more diverse palate!

Cheesy Vegan Tater Tot Pizza and Cheesy Vegan Tater Tot Pizza II (aka, Cheesy Vegan Tater Tot Garbage Plate Pizza)

2011-03-20 - Cheesy Tot Pizza - 0010

2011-03-27 - Cheesy Tot Casserole II - 0017

Perfection, you’re looking at it. Inspired by this delicious Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole dish from Snarky Vegan are two different – but equally lovely – cheesy vegan pizzas.

In the first incarnation (top), we omitted the white sauce and instead spread some margarine directly onto the dough to keep things nice and moist. On top of this, we added a generous layer of Daiya cheese, followed by the casserole fillings: mixed veggies and tater tots. On top of this, more cheese. (Always add cheese! Joking! That was a joke!) Carbs on top of carbs: let’s do this shit!

(Incidentally, the newest working theory is that I’m a longstanding, undiagnosed hypoglycemic, which over time has caused an assortment of seemingly unrelated health problems pokerspiel herunterladen kostenlos. So my days of triple-stacked carbs may soon be over. Sad monster.)

Later on, Shane got it in his silly head that he could improve upon perfection – my perfection – so he tried his own version, using the white sauce in the original casserole the way you might use red sauce on a traditional pie. Unbelievably delicious, but also super-messy. Though you need a fork and bib to eat it, I must confess: I think my favor tilts ever-so-slightly toward his recipe. Shhhh, don’t tell!

Veggie Lover’s Pizza With a Whole Wheat Flaxseed Crust

2011-03-13 - Veggie Pizza, Flaxseed Crust - 0016

Probably this seems lacking after the Garbage Plate Pizza – seriously, that one damn near ruined me for all other pizzas! (not!) – but this Veggie Lover’s Pizza has got it going on!: A whole wheat flax seed crust! Sweetenedd with agave nectar! Topped with sundried tomatoes! Black olives! Broccoli and cauliflower! Daiya cheese! There’s nothing about this pizza that I don’t love. Except that it’s not in my oven, like, right now.

Crispy, Crunchy, Somewhat Buttery (& Totally Vegan!) Cornmeal Pizza Crust

2011-03-05 - Cornmeal Crust - 0011

Another win, this greasy, cheesy, buttery-tasting pie is best enjoyed with a copy of Bitch magazine and the latest installment of Resident Evil notably. One hot Saturday night date, I tell you what.

Vegan Bacon & Cheddar Double Potato Pizza

2011-02-26 - Potato Pizza FTW! - 0010

2011-02-26 - Potato Pizza FTW! - 0012

Okay, so I’m positive that I’ve already linked to this recipe once, but it’s too epic not to include in post titled “vegan nomz roundup!: pizza ed.” ALMOST AS EPIC AS THE GARBAGE PLATE PIZZA. A bold statement, but one I stand behind.

This is my own take on the traditional Italian potato pizza; while most everything is the same, I incorporated cheesy mashed potatoes into the recipe, using it as a sauce to add moisture to the pizza. (All the old school recipes I’ve tried are rather dry.) The result is heavenly, and in keeping with my love of carb on carb action! If you only try two recipes in this roundup, let this be one data from samsung cloud.

Kelly’s Loaded Tomato Lover’s Pizza

2011-01-29 - Vegan Pizza Day! - 0047

If there’s a vegetable I love more than potatoes, it’s tomatoes! (Yes, I know that a tomato is a fruit, but roll with me here!) This Tomato Lover’s Pizza has got quadruple the tomato action: tomato sauce, tomato powder, diced tomatoes and sundried tomatoes. All it’s missing is a tomato-flavored cheese. Someone get on that stat!

Shane’s Red Hot, Heart-Shaped Pizza

2011-01-29 - Vegan Pizza Day! - 0009

Along with the Tomato Lover’s Pizza, this was one-half our Vegan Pizza Day eats purple hills kostenlosen. (That really should be a monthly holiday, don’t you think?) Red hot and heart-shaped, the crushed red pepper, hot sauce and sun-dried peppers on a “hearty” crust seasoned with cayenne pepper, cumin, thyme and basil made for one fiery hot vegan Valentine’s Day entrée. So hot that I dared not even sample it! (Maybe that was Shane’s nefarious plan all along?)

We also entered this recipe in a Vegan Valentine’s Day cooking contest (hence the heart shape), but lost. Though there are no real losers when vegan food is on the table, amirite peeps?!

Pizza Humor!

Last but not least, and because this post simply wouldn’t be complete without a little Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, I bring you: animated pizza-themed gifs!


Great moment in television history, or the greatest moment in television history?

Liz: You want to see me shotgun this?
Jack: Oh god, she means the pizza!
Pete: Nooo, she’s unhinging her jaw!

30 Rock, 5×08: College


I am Ben, Ben is me, and CALZONES ARE THE SHIZ wo kann man serien herunterladen!

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