vegan nomz roundup!: ice cream ed. (with a recipe for peach ice cream!)

June 7th, 2011 11:20 am by mad mags

Remember the eye-popping vegan pizza nom roundup I posted a few weeks back? (No? LUCKY YOU, HERE IT IS!) Well, now it’s ICE CREAM’S turn!

Mostly I’ve been blogging ice cream recipes as I make them – Vegan Vanilla Buttercream and Vegan Vanilla & Chocolate Buttercream Swirl, holla! – but the odd few have slipped through the cracks, mostly because I’ve no recipe to accompany them. And just posting a photo without a recipe seems a wee bit cruel, dontchathink how can I download a series? (Posting them all in one big fat roundup? The ultimate tease!)

What makes this ice cream binge extra-sweet is that I recently received the results of my blood work, and I do not – in point o’ facts – have hypoglycemia or diabetes.* SO BRING OUT THE ICE CREAM AND PIZZA!** Ditto: the pasta, potatoes, bread and chocolate! Of course, this begs the question of my actual dysfunction, but I shall worry about that later. Preferably with a pint of ice cream in tow.

Caramel Ice Cream

2011-03-10 - Caramel Ice Cream - 0016

2011-03-10 - Caramel Ice Cream - 0004

Caramel ice cream topped with caramel sauce! (Note my super-adorable, dinosaur-themed Welch’s jelly jars. Coming at you straight from the 1980s!)

Upon seeing the caramel extravaganza spread in the December 2010 issue of VegNews, I decided that I had to give the caramel ice cream a try herunterladen. After combing the local grocery stores for brown rice syrup to no avail (what’s up with that, Price Chopper?!), I finally ordered it online and got down to biz. I started with a batch of the soft serve caramel, which you mix into a quart of vanilla ice cream to make caramel ice cream. Pretty simple, right? Alas, I never could get the caramel to set properly; it was more like sauce than soft serve candy (as you can see in the photo – the “sauce” is really some leftover “caramels”). Also, the taste seemed a little off and wacky. Could be I’m just fussy; you won’t get any argument from me wo kann man kostenlos legal musiken. Either way, not a big fan.

The good news is that the caramel tasted divine when combined with the vanilla ice cream! The ice cream recipe in VegNews calls for coconut milk – which I didn’t have on hand – so I went with a soy-based recipe from Wheeler del Torro’s The Vegan Scoop instead. Delicious and relatively easy to make. (Cleanup, not so much.)

If you don’t have access to either of these recipes, you can use this recipe for caramel sauce from the Spooky Vegan, along with A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise’s vanilla ice cream formula, which is nearly identical to del Torro’s. Or just sub in your own favorite caramel sauce/candy and vanilla ice cream recipes – it’s hard to fuck up caramel ice cream, as I think I’ve demonstrated herunterladen!

Vegan Buttercream & Ice Cream Sandwiches

2011-04-08 - Cookie Sandwiches - 0001

2011-04-08 - Cookie Sandwiches - 0017

After making my first and only batch of the Vegan Vanilla & Chocolate Buttercream Swirl Ice Cream, I found myself with some leftover buttercream (try a container full – the original recipe I found online was flawed, and I ended up making a quadruple batch of frosting to salvage it!) so I decided to make some CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM and VANILLA ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICHES!

The cookies are my absolute favorite – Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies from the PPK – and the ice cream is just some regular old store-bought vanilla So Delicious. Sandwich assembly was messy but fun – I used a Twinkie icing injector to apply the buttercream, and spread the ice cream on (carefully!) with a butter knife – and the cookie sandwiches kept nicely in the freezer herunterladen. All around, a huge win!

The flowers have since all lost their bloom though, so sad! Daffodils, why do you only come to visit for a few weeks a year? I LOVE YOU PLEASE STAY LONGER!

Sweet Peach Ice Cream

2011-05-20 - Peach Ice Cream - 0003

Last but not least is this homemade peach ice cream. If it sounds all wholesome and healthy, it’s not – hence the “sweet peach” part! Peaches weren’t in season when I made this dish (are they even yet?), so I used the canned variety instead videos bei prime herunterladen. For an extra-sweet kick, I used peach syrup (found in the can) in place of half of the soy milk. You can easily convert it back – it’s just your basic vanilla ice cream recipe, plus peaches – and use fresh peaches instead of canned.


1/2 cup soy milk, plain or vanilla, split in half
2 cups soy creamer, plain or vanilla
1/2 cup peach syrup (used to pack canned peaches)*
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons arrowroot powder
1 tablespoon vanilla
2 cups canned peaches, pureed*
1 cup canned peaches, diced*

* I used a 29 ounce can of peaches for this recipe; there was more than enough syrup, and I also had about 5 peach slices left over. Any can close to this size should work. Also, if you’d rather make this a less processed dish – and peaches are in season where you live – replace the peach syrup with equal amounts of soy milk, increase the sugar to 3/4 cup (optional) and use fresh peaches in place of the canned ones herunterladen!


1. Measure out two cups of peach slices and puree them in a food processor or blender until smooth. Measure out another cup of peach slices (or the rest of the can, if you prefer) and dice them into small bits. Set each batch of peaches aside separately.

2. In a small bowl or cup, mix 1/4 cup of the soy milk with the arrowroot powder. Whisk briskly with a fork until combined. Set aside.

3. In a medium-sized saucepan, combine the rest of the soy milk, all of the soy creamer, the peach syrup, and the sugar. Whisk briskly as you bring it to a slow boil over medium heat gta san andreas gratis downloaden ios.

4. Once the mixture begins to boil, remove it from the heat immediately. Add the arrowroot “slurry,” whisking it until the soy milk mixture thickens up. Add the vanilla extract, mixing well. Stir in the pureed peaches until blended.

5. Store the ice cream batter covered in the fridge for at least four to six hours prior to making the ice cream. When you’re ready to churn some ice cream, process according to your ice cream maker’s directions. You can either add the diced peaches into the batter in the last five to ten minutes of processing, or – if there’s not enough room for them all – stir them into the ice cream as you scoop or dispense it into a storage container passwort geschützte vimeo videosen. Freeze for an hour for ice cream, or serve (and eat!) immediately for soft serve.

2011-05-20 - Peach Ice Cream - 0023


* Then again, the test was ill-planned and I didn’t do any fasting beforehand, so who knows how accurate is was? The doctor insists “very,” but then why on dog’s green earth do they make you fast to begin with? Sadists!

** Yes, I will continue to shill my tumblogs until more of you rubes follow them! Fuck yeah vegan pizza received a ginormous boost from vegansaurus – we’re up to 1,058 followers at the time of this writing – but fuck yeah vegan ice cream is trailing pathetically behind with just 172 fans herunterladen. WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE LIKE ICE CREAM!?!

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  1. bitt Says:

    I do like ice cream! But I love that Welch’s jar even more. Where’d ya get it? Off to ebay to search…

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    I just started following them both the other day! :)

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    @ VF – I saw that, I recognized your avatar right away! Thanks!

    @ bitt – I’ve had it for over 20 years! I was really into dinos as a kid :)

  4. Vegan Flower Says:

    Check out the post I just put up on my blog. I hope you like it! :)

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