vegan nomz roundup!: even more pizza ed.

August 17th, 2011 7:52 pm by Kelly Garbato

…because it’s been entirely too long since our last vegan pizza party!


By the way, I pizza blog in this. In fact, I’m wearing it right now. The more you know.

Now bring out the pizza!

Creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese Pizza, No. 2!

2011-06-04 - Mac & Cheese Pizza No. 2 - 0017

Another vegan mac & cheese pizza!

This recipe is fairly similar to the original, with one key change: instead of adding the macaroni and cheese to the pizza before it’s baked, we added the mac & cheese after the pizza came out of the oven (and more sparingly, too; this pizza is more like a “regular” pizza and less like a carb pie!). Since it isn’t baked twice, the mac & cheese topping is a little creamier and soupier. There’s also some extra cheddar Daiya and margarine hiding under there – along with bits of Lightlife Smart Bacon – for added moisture. (It’s like a white pizza only orange, yo!) Here’s the recipe, give it a try!

fwiw, this was the scene as we sat down to plates loaded with pizza slices and sides of mac & cheese (we made a full recipe, of course! ALWAYS MAKE A FULL POT OF MAC & CHEESE!):


Shane: [looks of horror and revulsion; not just at the thought of sexy time with cheesy pasta, but also – presumably – because neither of us wants children, to the point that this is a condition in our prenup]

Me: I mean I’m going to eat so much that my belly bloats up to where I look pregnant. YOU KNOW, MY BABY BUMP.

Shane: Oh.

And I did.

Mac & Pepperjack Pizza

2011-06-18 - Mac & Pepperjack Pizza - 0015

Vegan macaroni and cheese pizza #3! “Mac & Pepperjack,” as we nicknamed it, is made with Pepperjack Daiya cheese (duh!) and topped with breadcrumbs, baked mac & cheese styley. Between the pasta and the pizza, this pie is like two meals in one. It took the husband a week to finish off the leftovers, what with the way he loaded the mac & cheese on there. Three inches of cheesy goodness? This bad boy is practically a deep dish!

Kalamata Olive Bread Pizza

2011-05-28 - Kalamata Bread Pizza - 0007

Kalamata Olive Bread Pizza, made in the toaster oven! (The pizza, not the bread; you’ll need a bread machine for that!)

This recipe for Kalamata Olive Bread is one of my favorites, and here it’s been improved upon in the only conceivable way one might so polish a masterpiece: ADD DAIYA CHEESE! Immediate success! The tang of the bread complements the mozzarella Daiya and red sauce nicely, and it’s even better when toasted to a lovely brown crisp. I see many more slices in my future. (Also: a kalamata olive pizza crust!)

Of course, you can sub in your own favorite bread recipe; I’ve made quickie toaster pizzas with everything from homemade loafs to french bread to plain old sliced white bread. It’s hard to go wrong when vegan pizza is involved!

Mandolin Medley Pizza

2011-07-30 - Mandolin Medley Pizza - 0025

So named because I sliced the veggies (including a variety of tomatoes straight from my own garden!) paper-thin using a mandolin. Well, technically I was only able to use the mandolin on the potatoes; my cheap model didn’t prove very useful for the tomatoes and carrots, so I ended up cutting those by hand. But still, you get the idea, yes? (On another note: can anyone recommend a sturdy-yet-inexpensive mandolin?)

The marigold is also from my garden; I accidentally snapped its stem while weeding. Damn crabgrass!

Vegan Buffalo Wing Pizza

2011-07-30 - Vegan Buffalo Wing Pizza - 0011

Shane made this spicy Buffalo Wing pizza for himself, using Boca’s Chik’n patties seasoned with Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce for the “wings.” A few flavors of Galaxy Foods’ vegan cheeses have been languishing in our freezer for like forever, so we broke out the cheddar rice cheese for the occasion. (The verdict on the cheese? “Okay,” with a noncommittal shrug. But hey, at least it got eaten!)

Baked Macaroni Pita Pizza

2011-05-23 - Baked Macaroni Pita Pizza - 0010

A pita pizza / mac & cheese pizza / baked macaroni mashup! Not bad, though the crispiness of the baked pita bread was a little disconcerting when paired with the tenderness of the twice-baked pasta. Probably this should go on a nice thick crust pizza, like the original macaroni and cheese concoction?

Still, an inspired way to use up leftovers. (What’s that? Got some extra chocolate chip pancakes? PUT ‘EM ON A PIZZA! P.I.Z.Z.A.!)

Double Olive & Tomato Pita Pizza

2011-08-05 - Pita Pizza - 0004

Pita pizza #823! (I exaggerate, but not by much!) This one has double olives – black and Kalamata – and tomatoes – sundried as well as fresh from the garden, yo! Also: mozzarella Follow Your Heart cheese and Italian seasonings. Quick and delicious!

(RIP Satya.)

Vegan Pies from Waldo Pizza!

2011-08-02 - Pizza from Waldo's - 0032

2011-08-02 - Pizza from Waldo's - 0012

2011-08-02 - Pizza from Waldo's - 0010

A few weeks ago, the husband had his “team lunch” at Waldo Pizza in KCMO and brought back a whole pie! Just for me! (SORRY PEOPLE HE’S TAKEN.)

Waldo offers both Daiya and Follow Your Heart cheeses, along with a variety of vegan meats. Interestingly, their waiter – a vegan herself – warned them away from the pepperoni (“tastes like ass”), recommending the sausage instead. Apparently Waldo buys some of its vegan meats from another source (Shane didn’t catch the brand), but plans are in the works to transition to in-house production in the near future. Now’s that’s what I call commitment. Yay!

The two pizzas were somewhat similar: mine (top) had an Italian blend of vegan cheese (made with mozzarella Daiya and herbs), Italian sausage and Kalamata olives on a hand-tossed crust; his (bottom) had the same, but with pineapples in place of olives. SO. GOOD.

Lemmy, Pizza Cat

2011-06-24 - Lemmy, Pizza Cat - 0015

2011-06-24 - Lemmy, Pizza Cat - 0016

2011-06-24 - Lemmy, Pizza Cat - 0017

2011-06-24 - Lemmy, Pizza Cat - 0018

2011-06-24 - Lemmy, Pizza Cat - 0011

When I found fuck yeah pizza cats on tumblr, I knew I had to take some photos of our newest little glutton Lemmy with a piece of pizza. But seeing as I didn’t want to have to sacrifice any of my cheesy, gooey goodness to his gaping maw, I added a food cover. Crafty, that’s me! Anyway, he conquered that thing in 90 seconds flat. Such is the motivational power of Daiya cheese!

Texts from the X-Files

…vegan pizza and the X-Files, the X-Files and vegan pizza: WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED IN THE WORLD?*





2011-07-13 - Pizza & X-Files - 0007

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