Casper the Friendly Ghost PIZZAS!*

October 31st, 2011 10:45 am by mad mags

2011-10-26 - Casper the Friendly Ghost Pizza - 0017 Casper the Pizza Man

The resemblance is spooktacular herunterladen!

Earlier this week, I feeling hungry and lazy and craving some pizza, but the husband – oh maker of all things pita pizza ’round these parts – was at work and thus unable to service me the way I so often required servicing (i.e herunterladen. WITH FOOD. I’ll pause for a sec so that you can picture that, mkay.) The horras, right? After a little moping and low blood sugar-induced faintness (I know, such a child!), I realized that I had some white rolls sitting in the fridge herunterladen. Perfect for mini toaster oven pizzas, just like dad used to make me as a kid!

The first few batches came out looking like angel wings to me, at least when you touched them tip-to-tip, like so; but, after further noming, I saw that the shape of the rolls was just the slightest bit curvy, and vaguely reminiscent of a ghost lwarb classic herunterladen. And so Casper the Friendly Ghost Pizzas were born! (Also: an excuse to eat more mini pizzas!)

These are super-simple and quick to make, with maybe five minutes of assembly and ten minutes of cook time required kindle app kostenlos herunterladen. You just need:

2011-10-26 - Casper the Friendly Ghost Pizza - 0007

  • one ghostly roll, cut down the middle (mine is from a megachain store which shall remain nameless but rhymes with “Mall Fart”; each roll makes two pizzas)
  • red sauce
  • vegan mozzarella cheese, sliced or shredded
  • something round for the eyes and a mouth mietvertrag herunterladen kostenlos. I used black olives and cherry and Juliet tomatoes, but you could just as easily use any round fruit, veggie or vegan meat. Think: carrots, zucchini, sausage or hot dog links, etc herunterladen.
  • Start by cutting the roll down the middle. Add the red sauce, followed by the cheese, “eyes” and “mouth.” Bake in a toaster oven at 425 degrees F for ten to fifteen minutes, or until the cheese is nice and melty dvd player for free. Eat and repeat!

    (Fyi, if you can’t find any ghost-shaped rolls, use something round – like a soyburger bun or English Muffin – and make a mummy instead!)

    For the cheese, I went with Vegan Gourmet’s Follow Your Heart x mind kostenlosen. Rather than shredding it, I cut thin strips from the block, thinking that layered pieces would give more even white coverage. I also added a few shreds towards the bottom of each ghost’s body, for that ragged, ripped sheet effect skat spiel kostenlos herunterladen. Pre-cooking, they looked more like goatees than anything else. Pubescent Casper, represent!

    2011-10-26 - Casper the Friendly Ghost Pizza - 0009

    As it turns out, the cheese got so melty that everything just kind of melded together. So use that Daiya if you’ve got it! As long as the cheese reaches maximum ooziness, you should be safe with cheese shreds or slices. (Plus I find that I pile on less cheese when I stick to shreds. I fail at thin-slicing things.)
    2011-10-26 - Casper the Friendly Ghost Pizza - 0025

    Clearly, Casper is the ghost on the left; as per the line drawings, he’s white with sparse black facial features. Plus I fashioned him outta the top piece, so he’s fluffier and so much the better for hugging and cuddling. (It’s Casper the FRIENDLY ghost, yo!) But who is his red companion on the right?
    2011-10-26 - Casper the Friendly Ghost Pizza - 0018

    An evil twin? His lady friend, if you know what I mean? (AND I KNOW THAT YOU DO.) Casper’s pizza boss, perhaps?

    Kelly food. Yeah, that’s what.

    * Sorry for the caps, I JUST LOVE PIZZA SO MUCH!


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    1. Rhea Says:

      These are adorable!!

    2. Jojo Says:

      Your Casper pizzas are awesome.

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