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January 25th, 2012 12:52 pm by Kelly Garbato

Another pizza roundup, because it’s been entirely too long since the last one!

The Vegan Pizza Day That Was Giveaway!

2012-01-21 - Bowl of Sexy - 0007 [with text]

Hey friends! Do you love pizza? Of course you do! Now through Monday afternoon, take a pic of your vegan pizza and share it with us at fuck yeah vegan pizza for a chance to win one of three prize packages stuffed with goodies from Tofurky, Daiya, Lightlife, Gardein, Nasoya, Tofutti, Field Roast, Bob’s Red Mill, and Upton’s Naturals (for US & Canadian readers) or a ginormous box of vegan meats and cheeses from Redwood Foods (for mainland UK residents).

Even if you lose the giveaway, you still win at life! (‘Cause you got to make and share pizza, duh!)

(Too much shameless self-promotion? Never!)

I am a Pizza, by Charlotte Diamond

So I was searching for music for a pizza mix tape (NO I SHIT YOU NOT) and found this video on the youtubes. I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times now and the lyrics are stuck all up in my head. I sang it to Peedee and O-Ren during our afternoon walk in the park, but I don’t think they enjoyed it. Whatever, they’re dogs, they eat poo. Anyway it’s dope and you should totally give it a listen so that it sticks in your noggin too. Then I won’t be the only weirdo wandering the streets yelling “I AM A PIZZA!” at the top of her lungs.

Cheesy Penne Pizza

2011-12-19 - Leftover Penne Pizza - 0003

With mozzarella Daiya, sauteed carrots, mushrooms, garlic and tomatoes, and baked penne pasta, all on a fluffy white pizza crust. I have yet to write up a recipe, but basically you just make up a dish of your favorite oven-baked pasta and set aside a few cups (three? four?) for the pizza prior to baking it. (Two meals in one!) Layer it on top of some red sauce, top with a lil’ extra cheese, and bake the pizza as you would normally. Nom!

Extra-Easy Vegan Bisquick Cheese Pizza

2011-12-17 - Basic Bisquick Pizza - 0002

Aside from using store-bought bread, this Bisquick pizza crust is about as easy as it gets! Because it doesn’t contain any yeast, you don’t need to let the dough rise at all. (Pizza in a pinch, anyone?!?) It also makes for a pretty foolproof thin crust recipe – what you see is what you get! Quick and yummy, and super-useful for those nights when you’re craving pizza but are in too of much of a hurry to make a proper dough. Definitely a keeper!

“Buttery” Bisquick Crust Pizza

2012-01-01 - Buttery Bisquick Pizza - 0020

Another Bisquick pizza, this time with a margarine/garlic sauce on the crust. Amazaballs! It tastes a lot like the incredible Cheddar Cheesy Garlic Biscuits I made for veganmofo, only all pizza-like. In fact, this whole series of Bisquick pizzas was inspired by the biscuits, which brings us to Bisquick pizza #3!

“Buttery” Bisquick Crust Pizza with Daiya Cheddar Cheese

2012-01-08 - Bisquick Pizza - 0009

In an effort to make the “Buttery” Bisquick crust pizza taste even more like the Cheddar Cheesy Garlic Biscuits that inspired it, Shane and I tried another version, this time topped only with red sauce, Daiya cheddar cheese and oregano (similar to the ingredients in the biscuits I so loved). The result? Delicious, hello! It’s a cheese pizza, what did you expect? Not necessarily better than the original, just slightly different. Especially since I so rarely eat plain cheese pizzas. I like to put veggies on my veggie, yo!


2012-01-07 - Pinkies - 0007

2012-01-07 - Pinkies - 0012

Like Twinkies, but with pizza foodstuffs! The dough is the same Bisquick concoction as my Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick; inside is a sliver of Follow Your Heart mozzarella cheese, and on top, a few slices of Lightlife Pepperoni. Serve with a side of piping hot marina sauce for dipping and voilà – bite-sized pizza appetizers!

These were totes Shane’s babies. I like the idea, but something about the combination of Bisquick pancake batter with tomato sauce didn’t sit right with me. But the pancakes with cheese and pepperoni? Delish. This one I might play around with a bit. It intrigues me.

Angel Wing Pizza!

2011-10-26 - Angel Wings Pizza - 0007


Just joshing! This is a toaster oven pizza made with red sauce, Follow Your Heart mozzarella, and black olives, all on a store-bought roll slices in half. Gotcha though didn’t I?

Onion Roll Pizzas!

2011-11-02 - Onion Roll Pizzas - 0004

Same as above, but using onion “hamburger” rolls instead of wing-shaped ones. Quick and easy, and a delicious way to use up extra rolls before they go stale. Gotta love pizza in ten minutes or less!

Tomato & Sweet Corn Pizza

2011-10-09 - Tomatoes & Sweet Corn - 0003

This is a simple pie, with red sauce, mozzarella Follow Your Heart, garden-fresh tomatoes, and sweet corn. Almost not worth mentioning – except for the most hilarious “negative” reaction it generated on tumblr. BEST HATE MAIL EVER!

Garlicky “Nooch” Cheese Pizza

2011-10-02 - Nooch Cheese Pizza - 0001

Nutritional yeast cheese: unlike processed vegan cheeses, it’s cheap, widely available, and easy to make yourself! You can find “nooch” at most natural or health food stores (hint: look in the bulk foods section!), or order by the pound online. Add some water and seasonings and – voilà! – cheese sauce.

Lately Shane has been experimenting with different flavor combos; this is first of many concoctions. Okay, so maybe it does look like a cauliflower with a yeast infection (or alternately play dough play food) – but it tastes like cheesy pizza perfection! (Or so I’ve heard; I don’t really care for nooch myself. I KNOW I’M AWFUL!)

Chili “Nooch” Cheese Pizza

2011-10-16 - Chili Nooch Cheese Pizza - 0004

Another nooch cheese pizza! This one’s a bit spicier than its garlicky counterpart. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Shane’s Pepperjcack “Chicken” Pizza

2011-09-18 - Shane's Pepperjack 'chicken' - 0001

I never did get around to writing up a recipe for this one, but basically it’s just our go-to pizza crust, topped with red sauce, pepperjack Daiya cheese, and Boca chicken patties, which Shane buys by the cart full from Wal-Mart. Seriously, I think he keeps them in stock single handedly.

Thin Crust Mozzarella Pizza

2011-09-18 - Kelly's thin crust - 0010

…and the search for the perfect thin crust recipe continues! (Or at the very least a serviceable thin crust recipe!) This one actually does have some semblance of thinness about it. Not as thin as a piece of pita bread, but at least half the size of the puffy, fluffy white pizza dough we normally use. Also: delicious and relatively easy to make. No complaints here!

Triple Tomato Pizza

2011-08-23 - Triple Tomato Pizza - 0024

A cheesy triple tomato pita pizza with cheddar Daiya cheese and black and Kalamata olives! You can tell how long it’s been since the last pizza roundup, since this mini-pie features a ton of tomatoes fresh from my garden. (Including one tomato penis!)

Such a hot, delicious mess that you’ll need a full arsenal of cutlery to consume/consummate it! Even after carving it in two, it was a hands-off affair. Steamy hot veggie action, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

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