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May 8th, 2012 9:54 am by mad mags

Just a quick note to let y’all know that I’m slowly but surely transitioning the blog from a category to a tag-based system for organizing blog posts musik von unheilig kostenlosen. So if you notice anything wonky or suddenly see tens or hundreds or even thousands of old posts showing up as “new” in your blog reader, this is why driver's license for free!

I’ve got some other changes planned too; after the tags are squared away, I’m going to import all the old posts from my non-AR blog, Smite Me iphone suche herunterladen!, so that all my writing is in one place. Since I mostly write about vegan issues – or occasionally about non-vegan issues from a vegan perspective – it just doesn’t make sense for me to maintain two separate blogs anymore pc daten downloaden. Plus there was a ton of overlap that should be super-fun to sort through during the merger. Not!

There may also be a blog redesign down the road, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it tomtom spanien karte download kostenlos. (I blame Mary! Her Animal Person Redux has got me feeling all restless. Or at least more than I already was.)

And now, so that I haven’t totally wasted your time: Ralphie photos herunterladen! These were taken last week; we had some incredible weather, and I took him digging down by our pond on a few especially warm afternoons. The previous owners didn’t do much to maintain it, so most of the shoreline is overgrown with trees, scrub, and poison ivy hausplaner program for free. (Oh, the poison ivy! I can feel my eyeballs breaking out in a rash eery time I look at it.) With the help of a family of beavers, we’ve cleared a 50′ section so Ralphie can dig for critters and wade on down to the water when he needs to cool off wo kann man mp3 downloaden. Good times.

2012-05-01 - Ralphie Digging - 0019

Check out all the dirt in his mouth and the muck covering his harness skype mac kostenlosen. He climbed over me several times, staining my white shirt beyond repair. This is why I always wear black, people!

2012-05-01 - Clouds - 0001

Storm clouds! Luckily they passed us by.

2012-05-01 - Ralphie Digging - 0017

Shoving his butt in my face and kicking dirt onto my blanket. Ralphie is nothing if not polite!

2012-05-01 - Ralphie Digging - 0004

Getting a drink and cooling off.

2012-05-01 - Beaver's Tree - 0003

One of the trees targeted for destruction by the beavers. I hope they leave the rest of it, though; it looks pretty rad half-eaten, don’t you think?

Mags is going to be spending not a few summer days down by the pond with us; the veterinary specialist recommended water therapy for her bad hip – it was injured before she came to us, but never treated – so she’s going to have to learn how to swim and, more importantly, like it. We had our first session Saturday and she was NOT HAPPY. I did get her to do the doggy paddle, though. In the air! It was adorable and next time, I will take video.

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