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May 23rd, 2012 12:15 pm by Kelly Garbato

2012-03-14 - Goodies from Food Fight - 0026

Can I just tell y’all how much I love this “Support Your Local Vegan Grocery” tote from Food Fight? (If only I had a local vegan grocery to support!) Most totes tend toward the dinky, especially for grocery shopping purposes, but this thing is ginormous! Bigger even than the VegNews tote the mag gives out with 3-year subscriptions. And it’s make out of recycle plastic bottles to boot!

As you can see, I snagged it – along with a box full of vegan goodies – during the Emergency Turlock Hen Rescue Benefit Day. Speaking of, Animal Place is selling a special “fancy pants” poster to help raise funds for the 1,000 hens who are still staying with them. Designed by Sharie Lesniak in the Shepard Fairey style (is that a thing?), the poster features a lovely white, red, and blue hen under the heading “ADOPT.”


It’s super-cute (and yes, I bought one for my own bad self. Along with a tee!)

The Turlock Hen Rescue – Animal Place’s largest ever – has proven expensive, with the cost of feeding, transporting, and caring for the starving hens reaching nearly $75,000 in just the first ten weeks, as shown in this infographic:


For those who can’t view the image, between February 24 and April 30, 2012, Animal Place spent the following amounts on the 4100 rescued hens:

* $23,367 on feed, produce, and pellets
* $10,167 on nests & additional bedding
* $3,567 on travel, transportation, and gas
* $6,067 on vet care
* $19,667 on additional caregivers
* $11,717 on shelter & additional housing

If you can, please consider a purchase from the Sanctuary Store (maybe someone special has a birthday coming up?) – or, better yet, a straight up cash money donation – to help defray some of the costs.

Along with Farm Sanctuary and Harvest Home, Animal Place has filed a complaint against A&L Poultry for abandoning some 50,000 egg-laying hens to a slow death by starvation. You can sign a petition demanding that A&L Poultry be held accountable here.

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  1. Marji Says:

    Thanks for sharing the adopt poster and infograph. I was lucky enough to get one of the reject Adopt posters and it hangs proudly in my cubicle. :)

    Also, the hens are doing great and eagerly awaiting their new homes.

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