Baked Tofu Scramble & Sweet Potato Fries

May 29th, 2012 2:36 pm by Kelly Garbato

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SO GOOD! The baked tofu scramble is adapted from the Tot Casserole in Lane Gold’s Vegan Junk Food – the bottom layer of blended tofu mixed with nooch and other assorted spices is the same, and I used Lightlife Smart Links in place of the required Gimme Lean sausage. Topped off with mixed veggies, ’cause mixed veggies are good. So are tater tots, but I decided to omit those for my jelly belly’s sake.

On the side is a serving of sweet potato fries. There’s a recipe for these in Vegan Junk Food, too (of course! is there anything this cookbook can’t do?), but I winged it. Sweet potato fries are easy to make, to wit:


Baked Sweet Potato Fries

(Makes two generous servings.)


3 sweet potatoes
1 to 2 teaspoons olive oil
spices to taste (salt, pepper, lemon pepper, cumin, cinnamon, sugar pumpkin pie spice, chipotle powder, smoked paprika, etc. – be creative!)


1. Preheat the oven to 450F.

2. Clean, peel, and slice the baked potatoes. You can cut them into any number of shapes: wedges; short, stubby fries; or long, lean fries 1/4 or 1/2″ in width. Here I went with a standard french fry shape, about 1/2″ in thickness. The most important thing is to keep the shape as uniform as possible, so they’ll all bake at the same rate. And don’t make ’em too thick, or else the outsides are likely to blacken before the insides are done!

3. Combine the potatoes, olive oil, and spices in a medium-sized bowl. (This time around, I used a bit of salt with 1 teaspoon cumin.) Cover with a lid and shake until the oil and spices coat all the fries.

4. Arrange the fries on a baking sheet (or two, if necessary), taking care not to overlap any of the potatoes. Bake at 450F for about twenty to thirty minutes, or until the potatoes are tender and golden brown, flipping them at the halfway point. Serve hot and often!

Tip: Clean, peel, and slice some sweet potatoes ahead of time and store them in the fridge until ready for use. I find sweet potatoes terribly annoying and difficult to prepare (so unyielding are they that sometimes I feel as though I’m trying to dice a stone); doing so ahead of time, and in batches, makes it more likely that I’ll actually eat the sweet potatoes I buy.

Moldy sweet potatoes, such a damn tragedy.


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