Eat to the Beat: Peanut Butter Dog Treats & Queen

October 10th, 2012 12:15 pm by mad mags


The song: “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen (lyrics)

The foodstuff: Peanut Butter Dog Treats from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur

The connection: Ralphie turns the big ONE-FIVE today!


2012-10-08 - Dogs Outside - 0005


Veteran mofoers! Maybe you remember Ralphie the wiener dog? Since his birthday almost always falls during Vegan MoFo, he’s made at least one appearance every year since I started participating five years ago google earth 3d modelle herunterladen. And the one year Vegan MoFo was observed in November? He had his eye removed that month! Naturally, mom plied him with delicious foods to ease the pain.

(For those not in the know: Ralphie had what turned out to be a benign melanoma in his right eye; as it grew it obscured his vision and would eventually start to cause him pain, so we made the decision to have his eye removed. While he did pretty awesome in the year following the surgery, he’s unfortunately experienced age-related degeneration in the remaining eye and is not-so-slowly going blind herunterladen. He gets around okay considering, but a bout of vertigo earlier in the year kind of sapped him of his confidence. He’s a happy guy, in great health otherwise, but also much more dependent on his humans than he used to be. But still, he’s 15 and loves to dig for critters and go on hour-long walks! Focusing on the positive over here!)


Peanut Butter Dog Treats from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur (0020)


In honor of my little guy, this edition of Eat to the Beat is dedicated to Sir Ralphie download and send the virus. With a serenade by Queen, ’cause he and the other dogs are totes my BFFs, and a batch of Peanut Butter Dog Treats from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur because birthdays are for spoiling! (I actually considered making him a full-on cake, but thought it might be too messy and difficult to divvy out. I mean yeesh, some of the smaller dogs can’t even down a biscuit without trailing crumbs on the freshly vacuumed floor!)

Though The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur is 99.999% people treats, Kelly Peloza was thoughtful enough to provide a recipe for our canine friends too! These Peanut Butter Dog Treats are super-easy to make and consist of just a few wholesome ingredients (namely, whole wheat flour, oats, peanut butter, and water) herunterladen.


Peanut Butter Dog Treats from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur (0001)


The dough isn’t really meant to be rolled out for cookie cutters – it’s kind of thick and not very stretchy – but I just bought a few new sets that I was dying to use, so I gave it a try anyway and guess what? SUCCESS! For three go-rounds, then I threw in my rolling pin and shaped the rest into little discs by hand. Which is really better for tiny dog mouths, but not nearly as pretty for pictures.


Peanut Butter Dog Treats from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur (0008)


I mean, look youtube videos downloaden freemake! I was able to spell out Ralphie’s name and his age, throw in a few hugs and kisses (xoxo), and even make some hearts, stars, and bones. Adorable right?


Ralphie, enjoying some early birthday treats (0010)


I tried taking some pictures of Ralph with his giant platter o’ biscuits, but he wasn’t in an especially cooperative mood. Not surprising, since there was food on the table. I snapped a few quick shots before he grabbed the one and only “H,” effectively ending the photo shoot youtube videos downloaden 2018.


Ralphie, enjoying some early birthday treats (0027)


I mean, “Ralpie?” Who the eff is that?

In keeping with our new birthday tradition, here are Fifteen Little Ralphie Things, one for each year of his life on this marble we call Earth. There are so many more things I love about him – try kajillions – but these are just the first fifteen to come to mind.

I love you, little guy herunterladen. Now and forever.

You, you’re my best friend.


Fifteen Little Ralphie Things

  • That beautiful red fur. (I wish my hair was that color!)

    2003-10-10 - RalphieBDay-006

  • His musk. “Ralphie stink.” eau de Ralphie.
  • My Other Boyfriend ™.

    2002-09-02 - WhiteLake-Day04Shot139 - Hiking-Kelly&Ralphie

  • How he tears up chunks of dirt by mouth when he’s digging (and especially excited) böhmische blasmusik herunterladen.

    2011-04-13 - Ralphie & Rennie Digging - 0026

  • Always insisting on licking my hands when I’m trying to use the keyboard.
  • Ears!

    2006-09-24 - RevisitingFairport-0044

  • His prematurely white snout.

    2007-02-04 - Opening X-Mas Presents - 0118

  • Stubborn, just like mom bestes bildbearbeitungsprogramm kostenlosen deutsch.

    2007-12-05 - Cpt Ralphie's Booty - 0022

  • Panty-chewing underwear thief!
  • Trying to hump dogs three times his size.

    2003-11-28 - Mike&Dogs-002

  • How he only plays with toys when another dog shows an interest in them. What a jerk!
  • The superhair that used to grow under his armpit.

    kostenlose kriegsspieleen! - 0024 by smiteme, on Flickr">2011-02-21 - Dogs! - 0024

    (I’m afraid we plucked it to death!)

  • Paws like paddles.

    2011-09-11 - Another Afternoon Sunbathing - 0126

  • Ralphie + Shadow 4ever!

    DogJoy Cover 2

  • Nighttime snuggles.

    2007-02-28 - Nighty Night Ralphie! - 0022


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    15 Responses to “Eat to the Beat: Peanut Butter Dog Treats & Queen”

    1. lazysmurf Says:

      Oh my gosh Ralphie is SO adorable. When I was little my babysitter had a dog named Ralphie and I had a song I’d sing to him called “Ralphie’s so handsome” and I immediately thought of it when I saw your guy. And those treats look great too! He looks like such a happy dog even with his eye problems.

    2. Federica Says:

      OMG Ralphie is SO precious! I have a 5year old sausage dog and she has lots of things in common with him :) I need to try those cookies.

      What food do you feed Ralphie?

    3. Molly Says:

      What a great post. I laughed reading some of the things about him, especially how he only wants toys when other dogs want them. Rowan’s like that!

      Lots of kisses to him!

    4. Anne Says:

      Happy Birthday Ralphie!!! Dogs are the best (please don’t tell my cats I said that since they rule too!) Thank you for sharing his awesome pictures and story AND these yummy treats that you made for him. Hugs from Vermont xoxo

    5. Bonnie Says:

      Aww, this is such a sweet post. Happy birthday Ralphie!

    6. Kelly Garbato Says:

      Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Ralphie got plenty of treats and belly rubs today, AND I spent most of the afternoon watching him dig up our front yard, so good times all around! :)

    7. Kelly Garbato Says:

      @ Anne – I tell my cat Lemmy that all the time (he’s the one cat in a house of seven dogs, so I think he’d suspect anyway), but your secret’s safe with me!

    8. Kelly Garbato Says:

      Hey Federica! The dogs all eat the Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula, with some homemade food mixed in for volume and variety. Sometimes it’s as simple as canned veggies, but usually I make it more interesting. (The current fresh food is baked apples with tofu.) I also give them homemade peanut butter balls twice a day – perfect for hiding pills!

    9. FoodFeud Says:

      What a pretty pup! I love this post :) He deserves that H and all the rest of the letters!

    10. Jenny Says:

      I have one eye, just like Ralphie<3 PB dog treats sound great!

    11. Lazy Smurf's Guide to Life Says:

      […] and getting ideas for meals to eat, places to go, things to covet, cookbooks to buy, and dogs to maybe someday pet.  It can actually get kind of overwhelming as the month goes on and the unread posts in your […]

    12. Kelly Garbato Says:

      They aren’t half bad, Jenny!

      (OF COURSE I tasted them!)

    13. filed under “2013 you suck a bag of dicks” » V for Vegan: Says:

      […] few weeks ago my eldest dog kid Ralphie went into renal failure; after a 4-day hospital stay, it was determined that there was nothing we […]

    14. bakery dogs Says:

      Yes! Finally something about molly’s dog treats.

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