Eat to the Beat: Penne alla Vodka Martini & The Revels

October 11th, 2012 2:21 pm by Kelly Garbato


The song: “Intoxica” by The Revels (instrumental)

The foodstuff: Penne alla Vodka Martini from The Tipsy Vegan

The connection: Booze!


Back in the ’90s, my dad subscribed to this music club (CMJ! Anyone? Bueller?) – one of the perks of which was a sampler CD of the newest in alternative rock, conveniently sent to our mailbox each month. Quaint, right! Anyway, he always passed the CDs along to me when he was done with them, and it was through one of these mix tapes that I fell in love with “Intoxica.”

(The Revels is actually a ’60s “surf music” band, which came back into vogue in the ’90s when one of its songs was featured on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Fun fact!)

The great thing about instrumental music is that it’s like an (almost-)blank canvas – so much is left to the imagination when there are no words to guide you. Whenever I hear “Intoxia,” I picture a mad (yet fashionable) scientist and her hot research assistant, partying it up in the laboratory after hours: Sipping expensive imported champagne from test tubes, exploring some, ahem, “hypotheses” hands-on behind the lab counters. (Maybe they’re even sexologists? WHO KNOWS!)


Penne alla Vodka Martini from Tipsy Vegan (0008)


And what better food to fuel their curiosity than something rich and boozy? The Penne alla Vodka Martini from (what else?) The Tipsy Vegan is spiked with not one but two kinds of liquor (vodka and vermouth, to be precise), and the nondairy milk (thickened with cornstarch) adds creamy decadence to the sauce.

Plus it’s so easy to make, our intrepid, sexy explorers need only a Bunsen burner or two to pull it off. (No not really! But this is a fantasy, so normal rules do not apply!)

Schlimm recommends using crushed San Marzano plum tomatoes for the sauce – or, in lieu of the name-brand goods, tomatoes not packed in puree, as this makes the sauce too thick. Naturally, the only crushed tomatoes I could find locally list tomato puree as the first ingredient. To compensate, I omitted the tomato paste; I think it worked out rather well. FYI, for those who find themselves facing the same dilemma!


Penne alla Vodka Martini from Tipsy Vegan (0017)


Served with a glass of red vermouth, before I realized that it’s for mixing, not sipping. Silly me!


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