I wish diners had this when I was a kid! *

December 27th, 2012 1:35 pm by mad mags

2012-12-22 - AVK Stovetop Mac & Cheese - 0012


Another stop on our ongoing quest to try every vegan mac & cheese recipe in existence: Stovetop Mac and Cheeze from (where else?) American Vegan Kitchen herunterladen. (Which actually features TWO macaroni and cheese recipes, dontchaknow! I will see you again next week, nooch.)

It’s pretty tasty, though my own super-unhealthy version still has my heart herunterladen. Noyes’s recipe is mostly soy milk and nutritional yeast (plus a quarter cup of olive oil), so it’s way better for you. Also, there’s basil, which is new bittorrent nederlands gratisen. I can’t recall ever adding basil to mac & cheese before. Good stuff.

True story: Saying that I want macaroni and cheese is the single most effective way to get Shane to make dinner nero burning rom kostenlos download. The man’s got priorities.


* Forever eating french fries and salad.


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