Happy National Pizza Week!*

January 21st, 2013 12:16 pm by mad mags


Did you know that it’s National Pizza Week ps4 braucht lange zum herunterladen? ME EITHER! At least not until the day of, otherwise I would have held a contest or giveaway on fuck yeah vegan pizza facebook bilder herunterladen app. Oh well, there’s always next year. Or next week. Every day is vegan pizza day, is what I say!

Yesterday Shane and I celebrated by trying a few new recipes from two of the cookbooks we’re working through: Vegan Italiano and American Vegan Kitchen kan ik microsoft office gratisen.

2013-01-20 - VI Pesto Pizza w Semolina Crust - 0011

First up: Pesto Pizza with a Semolina Crust from Vegan Italiano bubble shooter gratis herunterladen. Where to start? The crust is tasty – crunchy and medium-thin – though not discernibly different from some of the other crusts we’ve made how to download league of legends. According to Klein, semolina flour is supposed to have a nutty flavor, but my unsophisticated palate didn’t catch it.

The pesto isn’t half bad, but I was afraid that the recipe didn’t make enough to cover the pizza, so I tossed a half a cup of walnuts and an extra tablespoon of olive oil in for good measure wie kann ich ein video von youtube herunterladen. Personally I prefer sundried tomato pesto, but I’m not complaining.

Topped with Roma tomatoes at Klein’s direction. Kicking myself for not adding more herunterladen!

2013-01-20 - AVK Margherita Pizza - 0003

Then there’s the Margherita Pizza with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce from Tami Noyes’s American Vegan Kitchen – which includes recipes for the pizza, dough, and sauce wie kann man minecraft kostenlos herunterladen auf pc. Yum!

The dough’s delish, though again not all that different from what we normally make. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true wix bild herunterladen. Funny story: we didn’t realize until after we’d assembled the pizza that the recipe makes two pies. (No wonder we had “extra” sauce.) So really the crust was twice as thick as it should have been – but alas, it’s about the same thickness as our go-to recipe, so all’s good herunterladen.

As for the sauce, it’s a mix of diced tomatoes and roasted red peppers – a little spicier than what I’m used to, but quite good! You can put it on the pizza direct from the stove top (chunky!), or run it through a blender or food processor for a more uniform sauce. I chose option #2.

Topped with Roma tomatoes, mozzarella Daiya cheese (of course!), and basil.

Food related holidays, they’re my favorite.

* Belated! Turns out I’m a week late. Old gif is old.

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