Italian-Style Butter Bean Dip (Pizza!)

February 3rd, 2013 2:49 pm by mad mags

2013-01-25 - VI Butter Bean Dip - 0015

As it happens, butter bean dip is quite similar to hummus – just made with (you guessed it!) butter beans instead of chickpeas netflix to. Luckily, my food processor had a much easier go of blending the former vs. the latter. (I’d love to make my own hummus, but it never comes out as creamy as the store-bought stuff!)

The Italian-Style Butter Bean Dip from Vegan Italiano is simple and easy to make: blend butter beans, lemon, juice, and oil and then garnish with black olives and red onions videos aus facebook herunterladen iphone. Tasty, though I think I’d rather swap out the black for kalamata olives for more of a kick. I also doubled with amount of lemon juice for a more spreadable dip, and microwaved the butter beans for 90 seconds beforehand in the hopes that this would make them easier to process euro truck simulator 2 erweiterung kostenlos downloaden. (I’ve yet to test this process with a control, so who knows?)

Much like hummus, butter bean dip is also delicious on pizza pdf nicht herunterladen nur öffnen! For this mini-pie, I just used some leftover butter bean dip (about half a recipe) in place of red sauce and topped with sundried tomatoes, mozzarella Daiya, and kalamata olives kostenlose radiosender herunterladen. Singed slightly from a minute too long on the broil setting (hence the extreme closeup), but still tasty.

2013-01-27 - Butter Bean Pita Pizza - 0002

Pro tip: since baking will dry out the dip, add some extra water or lemon juice before using blinkist titel herunterladen. No need to break out the blender, as this is easily done by hand.

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