Baked Mixed Vegetable Casserole

February 12th, 2013 1:08 pm by Kelly Garbato

2013-02-05 - VI Baked Veggie Casserole - 0008

Baked Mixed Vegetable Casserole from Donna Klein’s Vegan Italiano – like last week’s Baked Vegetable Soup, but minus the broth! With potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, bread crumbs, and tons o’ onion and garlic (two of my main food groups, dontchaknow). Not bad, though I adjusted the recipe to accommodate what was in the fridge, and I think I overdid it on the potatoes. File that under “things I never thought I’d say.”

Pro tip: if you make your own breadcrumbs, err on the side of lightly toasted. They’ll crisp up even more while baking atop the casserole.

Exhibit A: potato bread breadcrumbs so dark they look like whole wheat or rye. That’s okay, they’re still delicious – especially soaked in casserole juices!

Also, make extras for the inevitable snacking which will ensue. You’re welcome.

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