Sicilian Skillet Pasta Pie (and then some!)

February 14th, 2013 2:53 pm by Kelly Garbato

2013-02-06 - VI Skillet Pasta Pie - 0004

I can’t even believe that I hadn’t heard of spaghetti pies up until a few months ago. Now it’s one of my new favorites! Top 5 easy.

This version is from Donna Klein’s Vegan Italiano, though you’d hardly know it – I changed it up that much. Whereas hers is relatively healthy, mine is not so much.

For starters, I topped the pie with homemade breadcrumbs and a generous helping of mozzarella Daiya cheese.

(Sorry if the breadcrumbs look a little on the burned side – I’m still getting used to my oven’s broiler settings. Not ninety seconds in and they were practically smoking! Still tasty though, and the toasty sides softened right up in the sauce.)

In place of fresh cherry tomatoes (boo winter!), I used a batch of marinara sauce that I made and frozen in the fall. There was enough sauce – about three cups – that I decided to skip the canned tomatoes altogether, though I did throw in a few tablespoons of tomato pasta for that extra saucy goodness. Double the kalamata olives and quadruple the sundried tomatoes, and you’re good to go! Cook as directed and add the breadcrumbs and cheese before you set the oven to broil.

2013-02-06 - VI Skillet Pasta Pie - 0009

Not to toot my own horn, but the breadcrumbs and cheese proved an inspired choice; can you say hot carb-on-carb action? I came back for seconds and still couldn’t help but sneak nibbles as I packed up the leftovers. Even so, this recipe would’ve been a winner without ’em. Casseroles are awesome; doubly so when PASTA.

2013-02-06 - VI Skillet Pasta Pie - 0017

But. Tami Noyes’s Spaghetti Pie with Arrabbiata Sauce? Still my favorite.

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