Tomato and Bread Stew with Pasta

February 24th, 2013 3:31 pm by mad mags

2013-02-17 - VI Tomato Bread Stew - 0005

Orzo, to be exact scrabble kostenlos herunterladen. The most adorable of all the pasta shapes! They’re just baby pastas, yo!

This is yet another dish from Vegan Italiano, which I seem to be devouring in record speed adobe reader for mac. Most of the recipes are ridiculously simple, with ingredients lists coming in at a dozen items or less. You can see the attraction, no?

This soup-stew-bread pudding-thingie has just eleven: olive oil, white wine, veggie broth, onions, garlic, tomatoes, oregano, salt and pepper, pasta, and toasted Italian bread herunterladen. Throw it all together and you’ve got one hearty bowl of carbs.

The only thing I’ll change the next time around (and there will be a next time, oh yes!) is when I add the bread, namely: closer to the end of the cook time, rather than with the orzo kalender word herunterladen. After fifteen minutes simmering in broth, it’s hardly recognizable as bread anymore. More like little blobs of mush. Tasty blobs they are, but I still prefer chunks wie viele videos auf netflixen. I like my bread with some bite, okay.

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