Perfect Pancakes are perfect!

February 26th, 2013 4:41 pm by mad mags

2013-02-18 - VB Perfect Pancakes - 0002

After a long day spent packing up the x-mas decorations (my house looks so naked now google foto downloaden gratis! and not in a good way!), I really wanted Shane to make the Blueberry-Oat Short Stack pancakes from American Vegan Kitchen – but it turns out that you have to let the batter sit for at least two hours beforehand, a fact that escaped our notice until dinner time herunterladen. Oops! Next time, I guess?

And so came Vegan Brunch to the rescue, with the appropriately-titled Perfect Pancakes. So good, y’all herunterladen! The batter is thin and expands outward when you scoop the pancakes, resulting in large, skinny discs of sweet carbaliciousness. With our usual, thicker recipe, I can only down three pancakes in one sitting, but this time around I polished off five bittorrent nederlands gratisen. Double-stacked, too! And they’re so tasty that I wanted more. (Joke’s on me – the recipe only made ten.)

The only downside is that the pancakes are thinner than a blueberry, so the batter might not work so well with fruit nero burning rom kostenlos download. Otherwise, I think we found our new go-to pancake recipe. Perfect Pancakes are indeed perfect.

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5 Responses to “Perfect Pancakes are perfect!”

  1. Renard Moreau Says:

    [ Smiles ] Once that version of the pancake is vegan, I guess that makes it perfect.

  2. Maddy Says:

    Pancakes are a bit of a challenge.

  3. Kelly Garbato Says:

    Have you tried using a griddle? I find it much easier to use than a frying pan.

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  5. Mayim’s Pancakes » V for Vegan: Says:

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