Linguine with Roasted Pepper, Tomato, and Garlic Sauce (and a Side o’ Kalamata Olive Bread!)

March 9th, 2013 8:17 pm by mad mags

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Donna Klein brings it with a recipe for pasta sauce you can make IN THE OVEN!: Linguine (really fettuccine) with Roasted Pepper, Tomato, and Garlic Sauce transformers kostenlosen. Just mix all up it in a bowl, transfer to a greased baking pan, and cook for thirty minutes and voilĂ ! – you have red sauce. Okay well that’s not entirely true; you have to pulverize half of it in a food processor before serving, but that’s simple enough herunterladen. The sauce is a really tasty mix of green peppers (or, in my case, green and red) and stewed tomatoes in a 1:1 ratio. The peppers sweeten up a bit when roasted so the sauce has a really rich, complex taste: savory, but with a hint of sweetness gaeb kostenlos herunterladen.

I doubled the recipe in order to use up four bell peppers that were decomposing in my fridge much more quickly than anticipated; consequently, the peppers took nearly twice as long to roast in the oven boxcert.cer. The more you know!

Served with a side of Kalamata olive bread. I know, that was quick right music maker jam kostenlos downloaden? The bread is topped with the Olive Crouton mix (also) from Vegan Italiano, plus an extra tablespoon of olive oil. Probably I should have tripled the oil, at least – the bread-slash-toast was a little on the dry side, though still tasty amazon prime series. Even so, that’s alotta oil!

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