Nine Little Rennie Things

March 11th, 2013 12:28 pm by Kelly Garbato

2009-10-19 - Dogs Playing - 0027

…one for each year!

Today is O-Ren’s ninth birthday / eighth adoption day (ugh how quickly they grow up!) and, in honor of the occasion, I’d like to share with y’all a list of nine “little things” that I love about the girl. Since I just started this tradition in the past year (see e.g. 14 Little Kaylee Things, 8 Little Jayne Things, and Fifteen Little Ralphie Things), I don’t think I’ve done this for Rennie yet. Not outside of my journal, anyway. Yes I’m one of THOSE dog people.

Anyway, I love you Rennie! I’m queuing this up in advance, but I’m sure your birthday will be spent on the couch (ew snow! mud! and it’s back to snow again!), chasing your favorite tennis ball, basking in the sun (if it decides to make an appearance), and enjoying copious treats and belly rubs. Here’s to another eight years, love. You may not be a young pup anymore, but you’ll always be my little piglet.

Nine Little Rennie Things

  • Her pokey little piggy belly.

    2011-09-11 - Another Afternoon Sunbathing - 0159

    2010-05-26 - Terriers Outside - 0022

    She is the baby piglet to Kaylee’s mama sow.

  • The way she climbs up on my pillow in the morning and rubs her piggy fat in my face to wake me up. The sparse, silken hair and baby-soft skin is a bonus.

    2006-05-09 - OrenJunk0005

  • Eyes that look human.

    2013-02-23 - Rennie - 0002

  • The way she doesn’t simply lay on a pillow, but burrows into it. The pillowcase, I mean.

    2013-01-21 - Cozy Rennie - 0002

  • Frog legs!

    2011-08-27 - Rennie Frog Legs - 0005

  • The girl likes to get it on.

    2009-03-13 - Dogs Playing - 0010

    Sadly, Ralphie is the only dog short enough for her to mount, and he is entirely too old and too blind for this shit.

  • The sound of her happy pants: ach, ach, ach.

    2007-05-23 - Peedee, O-Ren & Kaylee - 0015

  • That tuft of hair on the end of her tail.

    2011-04-02 - Rennie Macro - 0010

  • BALLS.

    2005-05-04 - DogsChasingSquirrels-0030

    2006-05-24 - Ralphie+Rennie+Peedee-0021

    2008-03-12 - Dogs Outside - 0022

    2007-05-23 - Peedee, O-Ren & Kaylee - 0016

    2011-04-01 - Rennie - 0005

    2011-09-26 - Rennie's Balls - 0006

    Fun story: Rennie overwhelmingly prefers found balls to store-bought ones, probably since they come with strange and exotic smells built right in. I often find tennis balls at the park, since it’s home to a (very cracked) tennis court. One time I found a whole pile of them, just sitting in the grass. I stuffed my jacket pockets with ’em and, when I got home, pulled them out of my pocket one at a time – slowly and with great dramatic effect – and threw them to her. Her eyes got real wide and at one point I thought her head might actually explode. She pounced on them – one, two, three, four-five-six! – running from one to another and back again. It was like her birthday and x-mas all rolled up into one.

    Seriously, I can’t even tell you how happy that made me. Sappy but true.

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      She’s such a cutie. What an adorable post and I love the ball story. Cuteness!

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