“Yummy for Dogs” Vanille Almond Pastilles

March 15th, 2013 1:46 pm by Kelly Garbato

2013-03-13 - Y4D - Vanille Amande Patilles - 0004

Mid-week I whipped up a batch of homemade dog treats in honor of O-Ren and Peedee’s adoption day anniversaries: Vanille Almond Pastilles, which is really just a fancy way of saying vanilla almond biscuits.

You can’t quite see them all in the photo, but I used a bunch of fun cookie cutter shapes: stars, hearts, bones, x’s and o’s, and the relevant birthday/anniversary numbers (8, 9, 1, and 0). I didn’t get as carried away as I did with Ralphie’s birthday, when I spelled out his name with cookie letters, but it was close. This time around I saved the middle pieces from the o’s and 0’s (really the same cutter) to make mini-biscuit bites for Mags. Her mouth’s so tiny she makes a mess with the larger treats. Thinking ahead, I’m doing it right.

As per usual, the treats were a big hit. Hell, my mouth even started watering while they were cooking!

2013-03-13 - Rennie Treats - 0009

2013-03-13 - Peedee Treats - 0004

The obligatory furkid photos: O-Ren (top) and Peedee (bottom).
Nothing fancy, but gimme a break: it was only 40 degrees out!

The recipe’s from Veronica Noechel’s Yummy for Dogs, which is sadly out of print. There used to be a website too, but it’s been offline for ages. Nearly everything is vegan, save for the odd recipe or two which contains honey – easily swapped out for agave nectar, maple syrup, or another liquid sweetener. (Still a bummer though!) There’s a really awesome looking recipe for Rice Crispy Treats that I wanted to try but, go figure, there was nary a box of Rice Krispies to be found in our cupboards. Next time!

2013-03-13 - Rennie Treats - 0004

2013-03-13 - Peedee Treats - 0005

Outtakes: you can see each of the dogs waiting patiently at the door
for zher turn in the others’ picture.

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