Bringing Flapjacks Back

April 21st, 2013 12:08 pm by Kelly Garbato

2013-04-15 - VB Banana Flapjacks - 0001

In Vegan Brunch, Isa declares her intent to bring the word “flapjacks” back. I’m down! Especially if it means pancakes for dinner. In this case, Banana Flapjacks.

This stack is pretty good – cakey and chewy, with a definite hint of bananas – but it’s the sauce I’m super-excited about. The first batch of strawberries I bought this year turned out to be a bust (tasteless!), so I decided to turn them into sauce. I had trouble getting it to thicken in time for dinner, so as a shortcut I tried the old “arrowroot slurry” trick I always use in soy-based ice cream. Instead of the usual soy creamer, I went with coconut, and added some coconut extract for good measure. VoilĂ ! Strawberry daiquiri sauce! Definitely gonna have to replicate it with a proper recipe.

Bet it’s amazing on ice cream too. Yeah, it’s always about ice cream with me. That or pizza.

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