Forget Freddy. Pet theft is where it’s at.

June 21st, 2013 10:44 am by mad mags

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I had the most terrifying dream in recent memory last night wieso kann ich keine apps herunterladen. Usually I find my “nightmares” – dreams of being pursued by zombies, serial killers, and the like – more entertaining than scary, but last night youtube songsen auf iphone? Oy.

There was some kind of emergency going on – a hurricane, maybe; or perhaps it was a celebration or big shopping day – but anyway, everyone was gathered at the the local high school (Eastridge, in my mind), which was supposed to be a shopping center, I think copytrans photo herunterladen. idk, the details are hazy. But I was walking Rennie in the parking lot – along with a bunch of other “pet” “owners”; off-leash, for some strange reason – and, as she rounded a shrub I lost sight of her temporarily torrents downloaden met ipad. And she vanished. Was snatched. Dog-napped.

Naturally, I panicked. Apparently there was a dog smuggling ring operating in the area and Rennie wasn’t the only dog missing herunterladen. There were also several rescue groups holding adoption events at the time, trying to place recently rescued animals. On second though, I think it was a natural disaster type situation and everyone was holed up at the high school herunterladen. Anyway, I got a little sympathy, but not a whole lot of help: everyone was just too damned busy with their own problems.

I vividly remember approaching one woman who worked for a rescue and explaining my situation: I’d just lost two dogs the previous month, and now O-Ren too. But this was much, much worse than Ralphie and Kaylee: O-Ren wasn’t dead, but missing, and probably fated for a miserable life. Dogs were being stolen and shipped overseas for breeding and genetic testing. She would have her DNA extracted and replicated, and then be thrown into a puppy mill to produce more “product” – until the day she collapses, dead. (Nevermind that she’s spayed – these things rarely make perfect sense.)

Again, the woman was sympathetic, but not helpful – or at least not overtly so. She strongly hinted that maybe I could scope out the piers and find her before the boats left. With a little help from some random dude disguised as a delivery man, I was able to break on board and find her genetic material. Not Rennie, just her genes. But I used this to prove in a court of law that O-Ren was “my” dog and they had her. I think Jayne was used as a comparison, though this makes little sense, since supposedly it’s Jayne and Kaylee who are related, but whatever. Eventually I got Rennie back, but so many months had passed that she was now the size of a pit bull! (Again, totally ridiculous, since at fifteen pounds Rennie is already full-grown.) The reunion was happy, though not quite as ecstatic as expected. (Shades of my 2010 trip to/return from New York, perhaps?)

The nightmare was so visceral and terrifying that I had trouble snapping out of it. It happened not long before I woke up for the morning, and I kept drifting in and out of sleep. At one point I was awake enough to locate Rennie on the bed, pull her close, and pet her before drifting back off to sleep and into the dream again. It was so awful that, hours later, it still twists my insides to think of it. I guess I’m just that terrified of losing another dog again.

You can bet I did some quality snuggling with Rennie when I finally awoke. Missing Kaylee something awful though.

Updated to add: It just dawned on me that today’s the one-month anniversary of Kaylee’s passing (keeping track of time, not my strong suit lately), and suddenly this dream makes even more sense.

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