Pro tip: the Dollar Tree sells soy milk online!

June 26th, 2013 9:59 am by mad mags

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I will have deliciously moist cereal in the apocalypse, dammit uno kostenlosen!

So maybe you’ve heard that some dollar stores sell soy milk – but your location doesn’t carry the stuff spiele ohne zeitlimit kostenlos downloaden deutsch. Or perhaps your local Dollar Tree stocks it, but only sporadically, and not in the quantities you need. Well, prepare to have your mind blown: the Dollar Tree allows you to order items by the case online for in-store pickup – with free shipping herunterladen. BOOM!

I honestly don’t know how I’m just finding out about this. We’ve been relying on the nearest Dollar Tree for our soy milk needs for a few years now, with moderate success skype herunterladen gratis. It’s not what you’d call close; a 45-minute drive from our house in the sticks, the Dollar Tree is located right around the corner from our dentist and other frequently visited grocery stores, so we stop by whenever we’re in the area herunterladen. We empty the shelf whenever the soy milk is in stock, but half the time they’re out, without even a space on the shelf where it should be. It’s a gamble, and when we run out – which is about half the time – we have to buy it from Price Chopper at more than double the price (and minus the per-case discount we’d get from Whole Foods or Green Acres if we’d planned and ordered ahead) spotify podcast herunterladen geht nicht. This special ordering thing such an unexpected convenience I can’t even. We placed an order for two cases of soy milk last week, were kept updated via email, and once it arrives in the store, you have a week to pick it up amazon photos bilder herunterladen. Easy peasy.

Unfortunately, the Dollar Store’s website isn’t super vegan friendly. The product listings aren’t very detailed and don’t appear to include a list of ingredients – so you have to google each product separately to find out whether it’s vegan video ard herunterladen. A search for “vegan” items turns up products as varied as paper plates and beef stew (for reals!) – I have zero idea how that works land tirol app. Their soy milk selection can generously be described as “limited”; the only kind they carry is WestSoy Organic Low Fat Plain.

Plus, at a quick glance it doesn’t appear as though all the items found in-store are available online: Luna bars, for example, are missing from the website schreibprogramm für windows 7 kostenlos downloaden chip. (They only offer one nutritional bar online: Crunchy PB Cliff Bars.) Also, their pirate stuff is sadly lacking. Not like I feel like celebrating FSMas this year, but still. I like to keep my options open.

2013-06-21 - Soy Milk - 0001

Whole Foods sure could use a special label like this, if you know what I’m saying.
(They’re always losing/stocking our special orders, is what I’m saying.)

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