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July 3rd, 2013 3:42 pm by mad mags

So hey I did a thing.

2013-06-29 - Bathroom Art - 0005

In case it isn’t plainly obvious, I filled a collage frame with pictures of my dogs in various stages of bathroom-related activities: peeing, pooping, eating poop

(Peedee I’m looking at you kostenlos midi files downloaden! Sadly, I have more than enough pictures of Peedee eating feces to fill one of those ginormous, wall-shaped collage frames. Possibly his poo habit is why he’s nearly toothless, though the vet will neither confirm nor deny this theory.),

and in Ralphie’s case, just plain strutting his butt (it’s so cute!) 7 days to die kostenlos herunterladen. And then I hung it in the bathroom. Genius, right? Don’t all go copying me at once. By which I mean do, because it’s awesome and you will be the talk of your neighborhood herunterladen. (Though not necessarily in a good way, but who cares? You’re a rebel and a trendsetter, you do what you want.)

The hardest part was finding a frame; the ones at the craft stores tend to be big and pricey, so I opted for a mid-sized cheapo plastic one and then gussied it up with some metallic spray paint free youtube downloaden gratis mp4. I was actually going for a weathered, two-tone look, with some of the original black peaking through, but the paint I chose would have none of that. If I were a craftier type, I probably would have picked something more suitable for the task papers please deutsch kostenlosen. Oh well. I don’t love it, but the color’s not bad, it matches the walls, and I can always change it later.

2013-06-29 - Bathroom Art - 0007

I hung it right over the toilet (classy!), and on the wall adjacent I put up this adorable plaque my mom gave me on my last trip to New York (which was much, much too long ago, I might add) 10 finger system kostenlosen. It used to hang next to the toilet in our upstairs bathroom, and as a wee little one I sometimes spent hours (tmi!) staring at it. I didn’t understand the significance of the prunes until I was well into my teens; when I was younger, I thought it was a reference to poo-shaped items: “think about pushing out a prune.” True story pc games kostenlosen deutsch.

2013-06-29 - Bathroom Art - 0012

Here are the photos that made the cut; the outtakes are over on flickr gratis windows 10en. (There’s an album! OF COURSE there’s an album.) As you can see, Peedee’s overrepresented, and Jayne and Finnick are nowhere to be found herunterladen. They hate having their pictures taken enough without being chased down while dropping a dookie.

On that note.

2013-05-17 - Kaylee Cavorting Outside - 0030 [modified bathroom - 4x6 300 dpi]

2012-03-17 - Dogs Outside - 0001 [modified bathroom - 4x6 300 dpi]

2012-06-02 - Mags - 0002 [modified bathroom - 4x6 300 dpi]

2012-07-20 - Dogs Outside - 0014 [modified bathroom - 4x6 300 dpi]

2003-04-13 - RalphiePeedee-Outside-017 [modified bathroom - 4x6 140 dpi]

2009-09-20 - Kaylee - 0004 [modified bathroom - 4x6 300 dpi]

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