July 14th, 2013 8:54 am by mad mags

2001-06-28 - Ralphie'sDRNAListing-0001

Twelve years ago today, Shane and I adopted our first dog together herunterladen galerie. Ralphie was terribly well-behaved on the (long) ride home, even politely letting us know when he needed us to stop the car so he could go to the bathroom herunterladen. But the first thing he did upon arriving at his new home? Take a dump in the kitchen.

I don’t really have anything poignant to say…I just miss my two old dogs so, so much age of empires 4 full version free german. And it pains my heart to know that Peedee is now the senior in the house. Just last year he was an excitable, 7-month-old ball of energy wrapped up in younger brother angst testament vorlage kostenlos downloaden. How can this be?

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