Product Review: American Flatbread Vegan Harvest Pizza

July 31st, 2013 12:15 pm by Kelly Garbato

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I’ve been dying to try American Flatbread’s vegan pizza ever since it started popping up on tumblr – but it wasn’t until Shane and I traveled south of the city for a library book sale that we found a natural foods store which carried it. (In our case, Whole Foods.) Man oh man, was it worth the wait! Hell, it just might be worth the drive – a bold statement when you consider that it’s an hour, one way.

The highlight of the pizza is definitely the crust. The company bills it as a handmade, artisan flatbread baked in “earthen ovens formed with clay.” All I know is that it’s delicious. And they aren’t skimpy on the cheese, either – in this case, Daiya.

I made the mistake of adding extra mozzarella Daiya to my pizza (I never thought I’d use the words “mistake” and “Daiya” in the same sentence!), along with grape tomatoes and Kalamata olives;

2013-07-15 - American Flatbread Pizza - 0006

as it turns out, more Daiya? Totally unnecessary. American Flatbread is more than generous with the cheese.

Well done, American Flatbread. Slow clapping, I’m doing it.

So here’s the breakdown:

American Flatbread Vegan Harvest Pizza

Size: 4/5. As per usual, the pizza is oh-so-slightly smaller than the box. I have to give American Flatbread credit for realism (or at least more realism than is common to food manufacturers) – a serving size is half a pizza, which is closer to what people actually eat. One pizza? Makes a very filling meal. Two people could easily share a pizza along with a side or two.

Crust: 5/5. AMAZING! Soft and chewy, thinnish in the middle with thick, hearty edges, this is easily the best frozen crust I’ve ever tried. I mean FLATBREAD, hello! Amy, you no longer own my heart.

The bake time on this is rather short – 5-8 minutes – so as not to dry out the crust. If the cheese isn’t melted enough after eight minutes, set your oven to broil and leave it in an extra minute or two. This worked like gangbusters for me.

Sauce: 4/5. It’s hard to tell just how much sauce is on this pie, since it’s hidden under all that cheese. But this is definitely a good thing! (Think about it.) In any case, there must have been *just enough* sauce, since I didn’t notice its absence. The taste is understated and it takes a backseat to the crust and cheese, but no complaints. Those who prefer a hotter red sauce might want to sprinkle some spices on top of the pizza prior to baking or serving.

Cheese: 5/5. Holy mother of Daiya! The pizza has just the right amount of cheese: not too little, not too much. Definitely a rarity in the frozen vegan pizza game. I made the mistake of adding a little extra mozzarella Daiya along with the tomatoes and black olives, and I think I overtipped the scales. Not that I even though that possible before today.

If you like Daiya cheese, this is the pizza for you.

Toppings: There’s a little parsley sprinkled on top of the cheese, which is a nice touch, but nothing to write home about. Sadly, Vegan Harvest is the only vegan pizza made by American Flatbread. Major bummer, because I would buy all the pies. Vegan problems, sigh.

Overall: 5/5. Tofurky, Amy’s, Daiya: Vegan Harvest eclipses all my previous favorites. The crust just can’t be beat. The only downside is that it only comes in this one variety; if you want veggies, soy meats, or the like, you’ve got to add them yourself.

(I didn’t bother rating it on price and nutrition, because these pizzas are always pricier and less healthy than we’d like!)

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3 Responses to “Product Review: American Flatbread Vegan Harvest Pizza”

  1. Howard Rosenberg Says:

    They stopped using Daiya Cheese months ago. Unless, because of all the complaints they went back to it.

  2. Kelly Garbato Says:

    According to the ingredients list on the website & those on my package, they use Daiya cheese on the Vegan Harvest pizza. It’s named by brand.

  3. Dierdre Says:

    Delicious. I’m a vegan and picky.sadly Vegan Harvest is the only vegan option they make. I will buy again .

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