Product Review: Daiya Dairy Free Pizzas

August 7th, 2013 2:42 pm by Kelly Garbato

2013-07-24 - Daiya Roasted Veg Pizza - 0003

The Fire-Roasted Vegetable pizza before.

While Shane was visiting Austin (He got to meet Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes! But he brought me vegan donuts so it’s all good!), I liberated our freezer of the last of our vegan pizzas: namely, the Daiya brand dairy free pizzas, in Fire-Roasted Vegetable and Mushroom & Roasted Garlic flavors. (They also make Margherita and Cheeze Lover’s varieties, but sadly I have not been able to find them in stores.)

2013-07-24 - Daiya Roasted Veg Pizza - 0007

The Fire-Roasted Vegetable pizza after.

So this proved to be a pretty interesting experiment. The Fire-Roasted Vegetable Pizza was fucking amazing. The crust – which only after the fact did I realize is gluten-free and made of brown rice flour – was paper-thin, with crispy edges and an inside that’s just soft and floppy enough. The crust is awesome, period; doubly so for a gluten-free version.

While I thought the toppings could’ve used a better mix – they include red onion, green and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, and garlic – there’s a decent amount of ’em. Also, just about the perfect amount of cheese: not too little, not too much. I was super-impressed.

2013-07-26 - Daiya Mushroom & Garlic Pizza - 0002

The Mushroom & Roasted Garlic pizza before.

Two nights later, I tried the Mushroom & Roasted Garlic pizza. What a disaster. Though I didn’t bake it any differently, the outer crust came out dry and hard. On the other hand, the inner crust wasn’t just floppy (like a good NYC thin crust pizza), but falling apart; the pizza completely bottomed out, the inner portion tearing away from the outer ring. The cheese, while bubbly in the oven, cooled off and firmed up within minutes of reaching my place.

2013-07-26 - Daiya Mushroom & Garlic Pizza - 0005

The Mushroom & Roasted Garlic pizza after.

I’m pretty sure I ended up with the case reject. The crust was kind of funky even before I unwrapped the pizza; I could clearly see two cracks at about 6 and 9 o’clock. Plus the thing was covered in frost – a lot more than on the previous pizza. And it’s not like I’ve been hoarding them; I bought them each at the same time, about a month and a half ago.

2013-07-26 - Daiya Mushroom & Garlic Pizza - 0009

Note the tears in the lower-left and lower-middle portions of the pie.

So it’s kind of weird. I don’t know how to rate them, whether I should chalk the dud up to bad luck, what have you. My instinct says that these pizzas rock, and I should give them two thumbs up. Or 5/5, on my own rating scale.

I feel like further experimentation is necessary. Thoughts?

fwiw, as per usual, one pizza = one meal, even though the packaging claims otherwise (in this case, one pizza supposedly serves three. LOL!).

Oh, and hey: I resisted the urge to add extra toppings on both pizzas. Yay me!

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2 Responses to “Product Review: Daiya Dairy Free Pizzas”

  1. Fallopia Tuba Says:

    I’m definitely going to try me a Daiya pizza this weekend.

  2. kim Says:

    I had the same experience with the center being soggy and falling apart in my oven. Made a huge mess. I was sorely disappointed. My friend said the same thing happened to her. And the taste wasn’t that great. Barely any sauce and the vegetables were all globbed in one section on the fire roasted veg pizza.

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