J is for Jam Swirl Coffee Cake

September 11th, 2013 12:33 pm by mad mags

J is for Jam Swirl Coffee Cake [Vegan Brunch] (0016)

This is another letter that was originally slated for a soup or stew – Jewish Beef Stew from Veganomicon, to be exact – but was jettisoned for a dessert, mostly because I’m a sucker for the sweet stuff, but also on account of the heat uplay download for free. 90 degrees plus is just too hot for soup, okay! Also, I have so many tomatoes to use up that dinner these days usually consists of pizza or pasta – anything and everything I can jam a tomato on microsoft word 2016 gratis downloaden. Menu, full. Try again later.

My heart was torn between the Coffee Cake (the Jam Swirl variation, to keep it on theme!) from Vegan Brunch and the Jean Luc Cupcakes (with an Earl Gray cake and ginger-orange frosting!) in Betty Goes Vegan, but seeing as my cupcake decorating skills leave something to be desired, I decided that the cake would be the safer option notepad++ kostenlos downloaden. I don’t even own a pastry bag, yo! (Someone please send me a cake decorating kit? Mom?)

J is for Jam Swirl Coffee Cake [Vegan Brunch] (0012)

I don’t think I’ve had coffee cake before – I know, the horror, right wieso kann ich keine apps herunterladen? – so I don’t have a point of comparison, but hot damn! Is this cake un-freaking-believable or what!? The yellow cake is soft and moist, while the crumbly topping adds an extra shot of sugary sweet goodness youtube songsen auf iphone. And the jam swirl is pretty genius. I did a cherry-strawberry combo and it was pure perfection.

And the cake! It slid right out of the pan! That never happens to me copytrans photo herunterladen. My baked goods tend to fight me, but not this time. Some of the topping fell off when I transferred the slices to their respective plates, but hey, whaddya gonna do torrents downloaden met ipad? Crumbles gotta crumble.

There’s also an amazing looking raspberry chocolate version – raspberries in the batter, chocolate chips wedged between the cake and crumbles – that I simply have to try herunterladen. Ugh, too bad the letter R is already spoken for. Damn you Rosemary Vegan Chicken and Olive Orzo!

J is for Jam Swirl Coffee Cake [Vegan Brunch] (0011)


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  1. Anna Says:

    That cake looks beautiful. I love Vegan Brunch!!!

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