L is for Lavender Pancakes

September 13th, 2013 12:10 pm by Kelly Garbato

L is for Lavender Pancakes [Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food] (0015)

BOO berries!

Fancy schmancy, right? Luckily, these Lavender Pancakes from Alicia Simpson’s Quick and Easy Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food (say that five times fast!) are, as the title suggests, both quick and easy to make. In lieu of fresh lavender flowers, you can use dried lavender (I have a huge container of the stuff courtesy of bulkfoods.com) and, if you’re out of soy yogurt, just swap it out for an equal amount of silken tofu (it’s a by-the-case steal on Amazon).

L is for Lavender Pancakes [Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food] (0005)

Naked pancakes are naked – all the better to show off their airy, fluffy goodness!

The pancakes are delicious – light and fluffy, with slightly crispy edges – and pair quite well with blueberries. Since they’re out of season (sob), I opted for a canned blueberry pie filling-slash-topping. I mean hey, it’s only been sitting in my pantry for five years now. What’s the rush?

L is for Lavender Pancakes [Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food] (0018)

Getting all June Cleaver up in here.

It’s rather early in our relationship, but already I can tell. You and me forever, Lavender Pancakes. 4EVERAH!


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