M is for Milkshake, Strawberry Vanilla

September 14th, 2013 2:57 pm by Kelly Garbato

M is for Milkshake, Strawberry Vanilla (0001)

Giant milkshake is giant.

(Working subtitle: “My milkshake frees all the cows from the stall.” Not really, but it’s nice to dream.)

“But wait! I thought you were vegan. Vegans can’t have milkshakes!”

If you’ve been vegan for more then ten minutes, most likely you’ve been subjected to some variation of the above. “Vegans can’t eat pizza! Pizza has cheese.” Or, “Does bacon suddenly not come from an animal anymore?” (as you chow down on soy strips). Omnis, prepare to have your minds blown: vegans have developed versions of nearly all the foods you enjoy. Cheese. Beef. Milk. Eggs. Chocolate (which is naturally vegan!). Caviar, even. And yes, ice cream. You know what that means, people: IT’S MILKSHAKE TIME!

This is just a little something I threw together one morning after coming home from an especially hot and sweaty walk. (Yup, I eat milkshakes after working out. I’d eat them during, too, if only they’d stay frosty in the sun.) I wrote up a recipe, but don’t feel obliged to follow it; milkshakes are more fun when you improvise.

Hint: I bet a tablespoon of chocolate or strawberry syrup would taste amazing swirled in here.


Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake


1 cup nondairy creamer, plain or vanilla
1/3 cup nondairy milk, plain or vanilla
4 ice cubes
2 cups strawberries, fresh or frozen and thawed
2 hearty scoops nondairy vanilla ice cream
2 hearty scoops nondairy Neapolitan ice cream (vanilla or strawberry are also excellent choices!)
1 big fat straw


1. In a blender, combine the creamer, milk, ice cubes and strawberries; process on high until smoothly blended. Add the vanilla ice cream and mix on low for ten seconds or so.

2. Pour into a large glass; add the extra ice cream. Enjoy – and try not to give yourself an ice cream headache!


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