Sixteen Great Big Ralphie Things

October 10th, 2013 12:45 pm by mad mags

2004-08-06 - RalphieBikini-006

Right back at ya, stud.

Oh, Ralphie. I really thought you’d be here truck simulator kostenlosen vollversion. I was convinced, right up until those last few days, that you’d live to see your sixteenth birthday – and beyond. You were so damn healthy and active, so full of life. What the hell did I know? Other than that I loved you with all my heart, that is. My little guy iphone bilder herunterladen windows 7.

It’s been five months, and you’re still always on my mind. Rambling around in my chest, right alongside Kaylee. I still keep a running list of all the things I love about you – the things (so many things!) I want never to forget. I’d call them “Little Ralphie Things,” only they don’t seem so little anymore. As with Kaylee, I’ll add to this list every year until I run out animierte weihnachtsgrüße kostenlos downloaden. In other words, never.

Happy birthday, bud. I’m gnawing on a piece of fruit leather for you.

2001-Summer - Kelly&Ralphie-0001

Ralphie kisses in the summer of ’01.


Sixteen Little Great Big Ralphie Things

  • That beautiful red fur oude windows movie maker gratis downloaden. (I wish my hair was that color!)

    2003-10-10 - RalphieBDay-006

  • His musk. “Ralphie stink.” eau de Ralphie.

    2009-12-01 - Ralphie Pizza - 0006

  • My Other Boyfriend ™ herunterladen.

    2002-09-02 - WhiteLake-Day04Shot139 - Hiking-Kelly&Ralphie

  • How he tears up chunks of dirt by mouth when he’s digging (and especially excited).

    2011-04-13 - Ralphie & Rennie Digging - 0026

  • Always insisting on licking my hands when I’m trying to use the keyboard telegram mac.

    2012-05-27 - Patio Office - 0012

  • Ears!

    2006-09-24 - RevisitingFairport-0044

  • His prematurely white snout kann nichtsen.

    2007-02-04 - Opening X-Mas Presents - 0118

  • Stubborn, just like mom.

    2007-12-05 - Cpt Ralphie's Booty - 0022

  • Panty-chewing underwear thief free e-mail!

    2001-Summer - Ralphie'MightyDog'

  • Trying to hump dogs three times his size.

    2003-11-28 - Mike&Dogs-002

  • How he only plays with toys when another dog shows an interest in them herunterladen. What a jerk!

    2006-09-19 - DogTimesFive-0051

  • The superhair that used to grow under his armpit.

    2011-02-21 - Dogs <a class=do not whatsapp video! - 0024">

    (I’m afraid we plucked it to death!)

  • Paws like paddles.

    2011-09-11 - Another Afternoon Sunbathing - 0126

  • Ralphie + Shadow 4ever!

    DogJoy Cover 2

  • Nighttime snuggles.

    2003-02-12 - RalphieKellyBed03

  • Digging for squirrels in trees. (2013)

    2007-08-26 - Dogs Outside - 0050

    Wrong direction, goober!


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