October 29th, 2013 11:55 pm by Kelly Garbato

I spent the evening watching old videos of the dogs and missing Kaylee something awful. I wish I had more footage; there are so many moments I never quite managed to capture, Kaylee’s dinner dance chief among them. (Google, please send me a pair of those nifty new glasses I keep hearing about!)

Still, I took more video than I thought I did, and even rediscovered some memories I’d long since forgotten – like the time Kaylee managed to get her head jammed inside a discarded cardboard Quaker container. She’d fished it out of the recycling box – everyone save for Mags and Finnick loves to snack on paper products – and, I guess while licking its tasty, cornmealy insides, gotten her head stuck. She then proceeded to tear ass around the house in search of me – while I, of course, grabbed the camera. Maybe I let it play out a few seconds too long, but damn am I glad I thought to record it for history’s sake.

Dogs, man.

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