So this is Christmas…

December 24th, 2013 12:26 pm by mad mags

I almost didn’t bother decorating this year – I was just feeling too damn depressed. But then I figured that I’d be even more bummed without all the shiny happy tinsels and ribbons and be-pirated stuffed animals brightening up the bleak winter landscape inkscape for mac. (There’s a reason I leave the decorations up through February, people!) Plus I knew I’d regret skipping the holiday cards further down the line; some of my favorite pictures of the dogs are from our x-mas photo sessions (see, e.g., Kaylee in her shindig dress and Ralphie the pizza poo) kann 888poker nicht downloaden. So X-Mas came to the Garbato-Brady household after all!

fsmas card 2013 - tis the season

For this year’s cards, I decided to keep it simple: instead of complicated outfits, I opted for ribbons taped to dog collars super bubbles kostenlos herunterladen. My original idea was to photograph everyone in pairs and, long story short, I have no freaking clue how I was able to get Ralphie, Peedee, and Rennie to sit still (AT THE SAME TIME!!!) for our very first card herunterladen. No one was having it, and I think the treats meant as bribery actually made things worse – everyone seemed to be competing with their partners for the noms hubschrauber flugsimulator kostenlos downloaden. The good news is that everyone made it on the card – even Lemmy, who spent most of his photo time chewing on the ribbon strings.

Ralphie and Kaylee were even represented on the back of the card…though only those who know us will pick up the meaning kostenlos herunterladen.

2013 message label

I still couldn’t help but make a second card with the paired pictures, though garmin express voor mac. At first it was just for my own benefit, but I decided to print them up and mail them out as well. Actually I think everyone looks okay save for Jayne and Lemmy btd6 herunterladen. Those two did NOT want to have anything to do with each other.

fsmas card 2013 - silent night

And then of course we have the individual “outtake” cards 360 grad app herunterladen. I didn’t have a theme to speak of, so I just went with Supernatural quotes. Totally irrelevant, but totally hilarious.

Lemmy is Crowley, for obvious reasons:

fsmas card 2013 - lemmy

Peedee = Cas, but only because he happens to love ass-butts (and I love that scene):

fsmas card 2013 - peedee

Rennie is Bobby, BECAUSE BALLS!:

fsmas card 2013 - rennie

For Jayne, I originally wanted to use the “pizza man” quote from Castiel, but had to drop it because Sam’s Club kept cutting off the bottom line of text (boo!):

fsmas card 2013 - jayne

Instead I replaced it with Dean’s “Posse Magnet” quip, which I think works almost as well:

fsmas card 2013 - jayne 2

(By the way, if anyone would like to send me something this year, a Posse Magnet tee would be aces!)

When Shane and I were flipping through the original pictures, I joked that we should just slap this pic of Mags on the card and call it a day: “I’m out. Later, bitches!” I fought the impulse…until it came time for the outtakes, that is.

fsmas card 2013 - mags 2

Mags got a second outtake, on accounta you can’t see her adorable look of indignation in the first. In keeping with that one, I paired her with another gem from Charlie:

fsmas card 2013 - mags 1

Last but not least is Finnick. He gets a Dean-ism, since he looks like he might very well be beholding a naked fairy’s tiny little nips:

fsmas card 2013 - finnick

Really he’s just ogling the food hovering right beyond the view of the camera.

aaaaaand that’s it for 2013, folks! Let’s never do it again, shall we?

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  1. The Peace Patch Says:

    lol…you’re a screaming genius! I’d love a posse tee too!
    Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing! :)

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