Book Review: Abigail and Her Pet Zombie, Marie F. Crow (2014)

February 12th, 2014 2:00 pm by Kelly Garbato

Julie & R.: The Early Years

four out of five stars

Little Abigail’s pet zombie loved her so much that he followed her to school one day. While the children adored him, her teacher wasn’t having any of it (a zombie in the classroom? the horra!) – that is, until she saw how friendly and kind the zombie was with Abigail and her classmates. The zombie was allowed to stay the day and even received a gold star for his impeccable behavior.

Abigail and Her Pet Zombie is a sweet and charmingly rendered story about diversity and compassion. Sure, Z. might be a rotting mass of once-human flesh – but he’s a nice guy despite the gray pallor and tattered clothing! The artwork is adorable and actually doesn’t look half-bad on a Kindle (though an iPad or PC might work better). Children’s books aren’t normally my thing, but I couldn’t help but download a copy when it was free on Amazon. Super-cute, and I couldn’t help but imagine Abigail and her “pet” (I prefer the term companion zombie, but wev) as a young Julie Grigio and R. from Warm Bodies.

Given the moral of the story, I do wish that the zombie had been referred as a “he” or “she” as opposed to an “it”: the zombie is a someone, not something.

…at least until the zombie apocalypse finally arrives, in which case Abigail and Her Pet Zombie may be cast aside as criminally irresponsible reading material. (Teaching children to run toward zombies instead of away from them? UNTHINKABLE.) So enjoy it while you can, folks!

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