Spoile(d dog) alert!

March 7th, 2014 1:39 pm by Kelly Garbato

2014-02-17 - Peedee - 0001 [flickr]

In Kaylee’s absence, Peedee has taken up the task of licking the dirty dishes. (Seniority, yo!)

2014-02-17 - Peedee - 0003 [flickr]

Only, Peedee doesn’t command the same respect and deference that the other dogs showed Kaylee, so we have to lock him in the bathroom with his chores/treats so that no one challenges his authority. Not the most appetizing venue, but hey – the boy does eat poo. I think it bothers us more than it does him.

2014-02-17 - Peedee - 0008 [flickr]

If you look closely, you can plainly see all the food debris gathered along the baseboards (not to mention, Peedee’s chin). Many a pasta dishes have been licked on these floors.

And yeah, we clean ’em every week. Super gross. Lost cause. Story of my life.

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