Ten Little Rennie Things

March 11th, 2014 10:21 am by Kelly Garbato

2013-10-13 - Rennie - 0014

Birthdays and adoption days, man. Each one makes me want a time machine that much more.

Today my little lady turns ten years old. (Ten!) It was nine years ago today that we introduced her to Ralphie and Peedee in the Animal Haven parking lot and then promptly brought her home. (She’s lucky Sir Wagsalot wasn’t yet cleared for adoption, or else this post might be all basset hound.)

Rennie’s been having a bit of a tough time of it lately. Still reeling from the loss of Kaylee, and now she’s depressed over our current housing situation. Our dogs don’t get on well with the foster, so we’ve been keeping them separate. For six weeks now. Which means that Rennie doesn’t get to see me as much as she’d like. As much as she’s accustomed to. She started peeing in the house, which she hasn’t done since she was one. I’m trying to spend more time with her over the foster, but it’s tough.

So today is all about Rennie: a walk in the park (no snow! yay!), plenty of ball tossing and hedgehog nom-ing, maybe even an afternoon spent napping in the sun, if the rain holds off.

Also: Ten Little Rennie Things, one for each year. It was difficult to choose just one to add to last year’s list. Spoiler alert: it’s porcine themed!

2013-08-21 - O-Ren - 0015

Love you, Rennie. You’ll always be a little girl to me.

Ten Little Rennie Things

  • Her pokey little piggy belly.

    2011-09-11 - Another Afternoon Sunbathing - 0159

    2010-05-26 - Terriers Outside - 0022

    2013-11-16 - Rennie Barking at a Bird - 0004

    She is the baby piglet to Kaylee’s mama sow.

  • The way she climbs up on my pillow in the morning and rubs her piggy fat in my face to wake me up. The sparse, silken hair and baby-soft skin is a bonus.

    2006-05-09 - OrenJunk0005

  • Eyes that look human.

    2013-02-23 - Rennie - 0002

  • The way she doesn’t simply lay on a pillow, but burrows into it. The pillowcase, I mean.

    2013-01-21 - Cozy Rennie - 0002

  • Frog legs!

    2011-08-27 - Rennie Frog Legs - 0005

  • The girl likes to get it on.

    2005-08-01 - RalphiePeedeeORen-0035

    2006-09-30 - PM-Kaylee&JayneMake5-0308

    2009-03-13 - Dogs Playing - 0010

    Sadly, Ralphie is the only dog short enough for her to mount, and he is entirely too old and too blind for this shit.

  • The sound of her happy pants: ach, ach, ach.

    2007-05-23 - Peedee, O-Ren & Kaylee - 0015

    2013-10-09 - Rennie & Her Ball - 0003

  • That tuft of hair on the end of her tail.

    2011-04-02 - Rennie Macro - 0010

  • BALLS.

    2005-05-04 - DogsChasingSquirrels-0030

    2006-05-24 - Ralphie+Rennie+Peedee-0021

    2008-03-12 - Dogs Outside - 0022

    2007-05-23 - Peedee, O-Ren & Kaylee - 0016

    2011-04-01 - Rennie - 0005

    2013-10-09 - Rennie & Her Ball - 0006

    2011-09-26 - Rennie's Balls - 0006

    Fun story: Rennie overwhelmingly prefers found balls to store-bought ones, probably since they come with strange and exotic smells built right in. I often find tennis balls at the park, since it’s home to a (very cracked) tennis court. One time I found a whole pile of them, just sitting in the grass. I stuffed my jacket pockets with ’em and, when I got home, pulled them out of my pocket one at a time – slowly and with great dramatic effect – and threw them to her. Her eyes got real wide and at one point I thought her head might actually explode. She pounced on them – one, two, three, four-five-six! – running from one to another and back again. It was like her birthday and x-mas all rolled up into one.

    Seriously, I can’t even tell you how happy that made me. Sappy but true.

  • Wallowing in her mud hole.

    Our local park boasts a few water spigots, helpfully placed at strategic points around the property. (Mostly near the baseball diamonds and pavilions.) While all are ringed with gravel (boo!), there’s one special fountain in the back whose base has been carved into a bowl – either intentionally, by some enterprising dog person, or from years of erosion, who knows? Either way, it makes a nice little pool to capture the water so the dogs can take a sip.

    On especially hot days, Rennie makes a beeline for this particular field. After I’ve filled the crevice with water – her dancing impatiently around the stream the whole time – she likes to stretch out over the hole to cool off. Her pokey piggy belly fits perfectly into the curve of the ground. Words cannot express how much I love it. Some days I walk her just a little extra hard so she’ll want to go for a dip. The muddy fur? So worth it.

    2013-08-10 - Rennie & Finn at the Park - 0001

    I’ve yet to get decent video of this event, so as an added bonus, I’ve thrown in a picture of her emerging from her mud hole and shaking off. Definitely one of my top ten favorite Rennie action shots.

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