Bell’s Palsy Peedee

March 18th, 2014 12:36 pm by Kelly Garbato


When I was digging around for videos of Rennie wallowing in her mud hole, I happened upon this vid of Peedee trying to howl. This is from last October, when we had the whole Bell’s Palsy scare.

A quick refresher: Peedee lost control over one side of his face and couldn’t chew properly, bark or howl, or even consciously blink his eyes. We kind of freaked at first, mistaking the symptoms for signs of a stroke. Long story short, we rushed him to the vet at 2AM and eventually ended up paying out the nose to figure out whether it was idiopathic facial paralysis (the canine equivalent of Bell’s Palsy) or brain cancer. (It’s not a Toomah!) It was idiopathic, and started to resolve itself just days after the very expensive CT scan. Go figure.

He’s 90% back to normal now; if you didn’t know what to look for, you’d think he was perfectly fine. Or attribute any weirdness to his lack of teeth and resulting droopy gums. No structural support, yo!

Anyway. I guess I didn’t upload this at the time because, hello, too soon! Five months must be the sweep spot because I got a good laugh out of it this time.

The boy still can’t manage a convincing howl.

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