Book Review: I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs, Francesco Marciuliano (2013)

May 2nd, 2014 12:44 pm by mad mags

The Opposite of Dog Shaming / When I See You I Fart

four out of five stars

It’s not easy being a dog
Especially when your person
Thinks you look good in hats

Francesco Marciuliano, the genius behind I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats, gives dogs their day with I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs btd6 herunterladen. From the mundane (“Doorbell,” “Bath,” “Hoarding”) to the irreverent (“On the TV,” “Judgement Call,” “Alpha”), truly gross (“Buffet”), and downright unexpected (“I’ve Been Watching”) Marciuliano delves into the minds of our dog friends 360 grad app herunterladen. The poems found within these pages aren’t likely to win any awards, but they did win the heart of this dog lady.

(I am guardian to five rescued dogs – previously seven, but the oldest two passed just several months before this book was published – and foster mom to many netflix serieen computer. Well, just one so far – we had to take a hiatus when our oldest dog was diagnosed with cancer – but I have grand plans. The moral of the story is that I want to pet all the dogs, okay.)

The poems aren’t exactly laugh out loud funny, but are rather insightful: “Another Bag” and “Time” capture the essence of the human-animal bond, in all its bittersweet glory herunterladen. I was relieved to see underwear noming mentioned no fewer than two times; perhaps my late, panty-snatching wiener dog Ralphie wasn’t quite the sex pervert I thought him to be hungry shark world für pc downloaden? Or if he was, at least he wasn’t alone in his fetish. And poo. Oh, the poo! Dog poo and bird poo and baby poo and dog poo again. Peedee the rat terrier was practically drooling over my shoulder at its frequent mention free games on tablet.

The poems are complemented by some pretty gorgeous photographs: we’re treated to pictures of dogs crammed into raincoats and showing off their very finest ballerina attire; dogs hitching a ride in purses and dogs gnawing on shoes; big dogs and small dogs and everyone in between itunes images from iphone. Puppies are naturally very popular, but adult dogs show up to the party too. I was even happy to see my dogs represented by a terrier and a dachshund (Jack Russell and long-haired, but still) seite zum videos herunterladen.

Perfect for people who: let their dogs kiss them on the face, even though they know darn well where their snouts have been; have a collection of dog clothing that rivals their human clothing; leave the bathroom door ajar so that their dogs can always find them (always!); or make their dogs the stars of their holiday cards (doubly so if it’s lieu of their kids) usb treiber windows 98 kostenlos.

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