Tofu Omelet Sheets from the Cornbread Cafe

May 22nd, 2014 12:31 pm by mad mags

2014-05-18 - HappyCow Omelet Sheets - 0002 [flickr]

Recipe #2 from The HappyCow Cookbook: Tofu Omelet Sheets from the Cornbread Cafe in Eugene, Oregon.

This one was definitely tougher than the Quinoa Patties. Unlike traditional tofu omelets, these are baked and then fried, the latter step being mostly to heat up the fillings and melt the cheese, which is added last.

Post-baking, the omelets were way too delicate to handle, let alone transfer into a frying pan. Huge mess! Instead I heaped my half of the six omelet squares onto a plate and layered them with the filling – mushrooms, onions, and red peppers – which I’d already sauteed separately. Very good, if not especially pretty.

I kind of wonder whether the recipe was written incorrectly; to bake the omelet, you line a greased jelly roll pan (or, in my case, a cookie sheet) with parchment paper, spread the tofu on top, and then top it off with another sheet of parchment paper, this one greased tofu-side down. It seems weird that only one piece of parchment would be greased on the side that comes into contact with the food, right? As it turned out, it was the bottom sheet to which the omelet clung. Further experimentation necessary.

2014-05-19 - Omelet Sheets Take 2 - 0003 [flickr]

I had a little extra batter leftover, which I tried frying like a regular ole omelet. It was kind of messy, but I blame that on an inadequately sized spatula and my own impatience: I don’t think I waited long enough to flip it. Still tasty though, especially topped with all that gooey cheddar Daiya cheese!

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3 Responses to “Tofu Omelet Sheets from the Cornbread Cafe”

  1. Carla Gober Says:

    Oh my goodness! Reading this entry made my day this morning! I received the Happy Cow Cookbook in the mail while away on vacation (Europe) and the first thing I did on the second day of being back at home was to make this recipe. It turned out just EXACTLY as you describe!! – mess and everything. I even tried to scramble the remaining mess as you describe…..Don’t blame your spatula. It is something else….recipe perhaps. All in all my husband (expert Scottish omelet maker that he is) ate seconds.

    This is how I found you…..Since it is my custom to enter all my trial recipes into Evernote (Evernote Food) so I can revise over time (with my family members helping) I searched for the online recipe so I would not have to retype it. That’s when I found your blog. Now I can just copy your blog since it is exactly what I would say. Ha. In all seriousness, thanks. Now I can stop analyzing where I went wrong and revise away…

    I would share my blog with you, but alas, it is down right now for revision….along with the tofu omelet…

    All the best with vegan cooking. Fun, huh?!


  2. Kelly Garbato Says:

    At least now I know it wasn’t just me. :)

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