Product Review: Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

June 26th, 2014 11:56 am by Kelly Garbato

A ginormous hit!

five out of five stars

I have five rescued dogs, all of whom have a varying affinity for toys. Peedee, for example, enjoys things that go squeak; when she’s feeling especially saucy, Mags delights in ripping fluffy faux animals apart; and Rennie loves all the things, from chasing tennis balls to chewing on rubber Kongs. I figured that, between the five of them, someone would get a kick out of the Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy. As it turns out, it was a near-universal hit.

Though my dogs are all on the small side (twelve to twenty-five pounds), I sprang for the Ginormous size for the maximum amount of hiding space. It has four front-facing holes, as well as one large hole on top. Each hole measures about 2 ¾ to 3 inches across, which is wide enough to fit a standard size tennis ball. The included squirrels (this unit comes with six) also fit through quite easily (but not so easily that they don’t sometimes prove a challenge). At 13 ½ inches high, it’s a little shorter than my smallest dog – but the holes sit all different heights.

The squirrels are pretty standard as far as plush toys go – by which I mean they’re easily torn apart. If your dog is a rough chewer, and you want to make the squirrels last as long as possible, supervised play is highly recommended. Luckily, Peedee and Rennie so enjoy retrieving the squirrels from their tree trunk that they don’t mind (too much!) when I take the toys away to re-hide them. That said, if your dog does manage to plow through all the squirrels, you can also buy replacements separately – or use the tree trunk to hide other toys. Rennie tends to fixate on tennis balls, and the holes are a perfect fit!

So far my dogs haven’t shown any interest in chewing the tree trunk, but I suppose that’s something to watch out for. After all, it’s soft and plush and thus ripe for the picking. It looks well-made, but the materials obviously aren’t tough enough to withstand the jaws of a determined dog.

Incidentally, I’ve also purchased a number of puzzle toys for my dogs; our smartest guy, Peedee, is the only one who shows much interest in the more challenging ones. This one definitely falls on the easy end of the spectrum, making it an excellent choice for the not-so-bright dogs in your pack (*cough* Rennie *cough*). If you can use your dog’s favorite toys to provide extra motivation, all the better.

4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 on Amazon. This would be a five-star deal if the trunk or squirrels were made of sturdier materials.

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