Twenty Little Mags & Finnick Things

September 3rd, 2014 3:31 pm by mad mags

2014-04-26 - Dogs Outside - 0005 [flickr]

Mags & Finnick circa April ’14. Not the best picture of them together, but one of our only pictures of them together. (Finnick is camera-shy, yo.)

Hey, Pawnee! Today is Mags and Finnick’s Gotcha Day! And also their birthdays, because they were picked up as strays and we have no idea when their real birthdays fall imovie download mac free german. Even the exact years remain a mystery; with each vet we saw that first month, a year or two was shaved off their estimated age. We though we were adopting seniors, but cam home with (supposedly) eight- (Mags) and six- (Finnick) year-old dogs.

If it seems like we just celebrated a birthday, that’s because we did! Peedee turned twelve last week. Most of our dog-related anniversaries are concentrated in September and March; it’s like I’m especially susceptible to adoption fever at the end of summer and the beginning of spring wordpress medien herunterladen. (If there’s some kind of vaccine for that, you can keep it! I want all the dogs, mkay?)

So three years ago today Shane and I did something crazy and decided to adopt dogs six and seven. I can still recall that felling of “WHAT THE FUCK DID WE JUST DO!?” panic. At the time we told ourselves that it was just temporary, that we just needed to get them out of the pound asap and would rehome them also asap, but I don’t think we fooled anyone. Least of all ourselves. Five minutes after coming home with us, Mags and Finnick were 100% ours. (No dog who enters our house is allowed to leave. Muahahahaha klondike solitaire download for free!)

2014-06-11 - Flower Girls - 0010 [flickr]

If you are enjoying this picture, Mags invites you to eat shit and die.
(Don’t get shoot me, I’m just the messenger!)

In continuing with a tradition I started some time back in 2012-ish, I present to you: Twenty Little Mags & Finnick Things. Eleven for Mags, nine for Finnick; one for each year of their beautiful, silly, love-filled little lives.

Seriously guys, I love you so much. Mags especially, but you’re pretty rad too Finn – even if you only have time for me when I have food or am partaking in a midday nap pdf herunterladen pc. I’m so glad we found you when we did; you made the loss of Ralphie and Kaylee slightly more bearable.

2014-01-03 - Mags & Finnick - 0005 [flickr]

Another acceptable one from January.

Eleven Little Mags Things

  • All that extra skin!

    2013-05-06 - Outside with the Other 6 - 0002

    2014-03-11 - Birthday Girl Rennie - 0018 [flickr]

    Mags is a fat dog trapped in a skinny dog’s body herunterladen.

  • Biting her nails instead of letting us cut them. Usually in bed! I know gross right?

    2011-09-11 - Mags! - 0001

  • Long afternoons spent sunbathing.

    2011-09-11 - Another Afternoon Sunbathing - 0217

    2014-03-15 - Peedee's Gotcha Day - 0020 [flickr]

    2014-08-14 - Mags - 0002 [flickr]

  • Sometimes when waiting for meals or a snack, she’ll start to huff and puff and kick her legs like a bull about to charge surveymonkey umfrage herunterladen. More adorable than scary.

  • Also meal-related: How she grumbles and growls and nudges me while I eat, demanding a dirty dish or – better still – straight-up handouts. It’s like she’s entitled or something. SUCH a little diva.

    2011-10-25 - Demanding Dogs - 0004

  • That golden patch of fur under her right armpit.

    2013-08-21 - Mags - 0034

  • Delicate Mags kisses download images from dropbox.

    2012-06-13 - Dogs Outside - 0012

    Unrelenting yet gentle.

  • She’s the smallest dog in the house, yet everyone is scared of her.

    2012-12-04 - Mags - 0001

  • How she patiently and methodically cleans boogers from the other dogs’ eyes. Finnick’s the only one who resigns himself to it completely. (Reason #274 why I think she’s his mum.)

    2011-09-12 - Dogs Outside - 0013

    2013-12-24 - Testing the New Camera - 0010 [flickr]

  • Precious Moments ™ eyes scrabble kostenlos herunterladen.

    2013-06-25 - Mags - 0003

  • Since we started doing water therapy in the summers, Mags refuses to go within 15 yards of a body of water – even natural bodies she’s never swam in before.

    2014-07-23 - The Dogs - 0062 [flickr]

    2014-05-09 - Smithville Lake - 0039 [flickr]

    It’s like she thinks I’m going to toss her into the lake, even if it’s in the mid-60s, and without a life jacket. I AM A MONSTER, Y’ALL.


    Nine Little Finnick Things

  • His skinny little body (“Skinny Finny”) adobe reader for mac. Forever jealous of his figure.

    2013-07-16 - Finnick! - 0034

  • he gets super-freaked out whenever anyone tries to touch his paws.

    2013-07-26 - Finnick - 0003

  • When Finnick bites his nails (this is a peculiarity he and Mags share), he whimpers to himself. It’s kind of creepy actually.

    2013-02-10 - Finnick Hearts Pumpkins - 0002

  • How much he adores his daddy herunterladen.

    2012-08-16 - Chasing Finnick - 0023

  • His awesome jumping abilities (he once cleared Ralphie, head to toe).

    2013-06-08 - Chasing Finnick (Part 2) - 0002

  • Walking on his back legs while begging for dinner. (Seriously, he’s got such mad skills in this area that I’ve often considered shipping him off to the circus.)

    2013-06-08 - Chasing Finnick (Part 2) - 0032

  • His love of naps (that’s something he got from his human mom).

    2013-02-02 - Afternoon Reading-slash-Napping - 0001

    2013-01-08 - Lemmy & Finnick - 0005

    2014-07-14 - Dogs in Bed - 0006 [flickr]

    As much as he loves Shane, he’ll abandon his spot in the office in a heartbeat if he thinks that someone’s dozing in the bedroom without him.

  • Those teefies! Finn’s teeth are so large, white, and straight that when he smiles, it kind of looks like he’s wearing dentures. Doggie dentures.

    2013-07-26 - Finnick - 0027

  • How much he hates having his picture taken.

    2014-08-09 - Hounding the Dogs - 0031 [flickr]

    2013-11-09 - Finnick - 0008

    2014-03-07 - Finnick - 0001 [flickr]

    2013-12-25 - X-Mas Morning - 0009 [flickr]

    2014-08-09 - Hounding the Dogs - 0035 [flickr]

    It’s almost become a game at this point.


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