Carbs & Rec: Happy Cauliflower Day! (Belated, but still.)

September 4th, 2014 12:10 pm by mad mags


Technically Cauliflower Day was yesterday, but I would have had to preempt the very first Waffle Wednesday in order to make it work, and that simply would not do word download mac for free! As much as I love cauliflower, sweet breakfast food trumps it every. single. time.

Also a technicality: Cauliflower Day celebrates the first AND LAST time that Leslie and Ben ate cauliflower together mit iphone videos downloaden. Leslie did not care for it. So really, this dish should feature broccoli, pizza, ice cream, or some other food that isn’t cauliflower.


But wait fonts for free windows 10! Stay with me here.

Carbs & Rec - Happy Cauliflower Day! (0001)

I’m 99.99999% certain that if Ben had served Leslie the Cauliflower and Mushroom Pot Pie with a Kalamata Olive Crust from Veganomicon, Cauliflower Day would be a time to celebrate this humble and under-appreciated vegetable, rather than avoid and mock it.


The filling is a delicious blend of mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots, and leeks, all smothered in a savory creamy sauce.

Carbs & Rec - Happy Cauliflower Day! (0010)

The crust is kind of dumpling-like and not at all fussy.

Carbs & Rec - Happy Cauliflower Day! (0002)

In fact it almost feels like cheating to call this a pot pie, since you can be as sloppy and carefree with the crust as you want: no measuring, trimming, and matching until you get just the right top and bottom pieces.

Carbs & Rec - Happy Cauliflower Day! (0008)

I’m pretty sure that Season One Leslie would scoff at this cutting of corners; but Season Eight Leslie, with her two kiddos and highly demanding job, would totes be on board.


Score one for Team Cauliflower, yo!


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  1. Hannah Says:

    Oh yuuuum! I’ve had my eye on this dish since the day I got Veganomicon, but my husband haaates cauliflower no matter how it gets made. Poor guy. He tries and tries. I’ll have to live vicariously through this blog post.

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