Mac & Cheese Monday: Five-Cheese Baked Pete-aroni and Cheese

September 8th, 2014 11:30 am by mad mags

Carbs & Rec - Five-Cheese Baked Petezaroni and Cheese (0009)

This is a VeganMoFo special straight from the kitchen of Pete Oglini (of Pete’s Petezaria fame!), Pawnee’s own 3-star, Yelp-rated chef brennprogramm kostenlos downloaden vollversion. The very best in “ethnic dining,” at least according to Leslie Knope’s definite guide, Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America spd schrift herunterladen.

Carbs & Rec - Pete's Petezaria (0001)

Because the residents of Pawnee love their cheese, this epic mac & cheese dish contains (count ’em!) one-two-three-four-five (five!) kinds of cheese:

A noochy cheese sauce (it’s the paprika that gives it its neon orange color!) adobe acrobat 10 kostenlosen.


A ricotta-like tofu mix (there’s miso and mustard, yo!).


Tofutti cream cheese (a whole container!).


Cheddar Daiya cheese (confession time: I used a whole bag instead of half. BUT CHEESE!).


& Walnut-nooch Parm (with added breadcrumbs, for extra-awesome topping power!).


You guys, this mac & cheese (recipe courtesy of Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food) is one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s almost as good as my own creamy creation. (SO CLOSE!) And if you know me, you know this is saying something. It’s a compliment that’s damn near unprecedented, in fact.

Carbs & Rec - Five-Cheese Baked Petezaroni and Cheese (0001)

I love my mac and cheese; you might even call me a connoisseur. I’ve tried nearly every recipe out there; if there’s a new mac & cheese dish to be found, I will track it down and shove it down my gaping maw. I’ve tried ’em all. Very rarely am I impressed or surprised.

But this Five-Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese? Freaking amazaballs.

Carbs & Rec - Five-Cheese Baked Petezaroni and Cheese (0015)

Despite the fact that it’s oven-baked, the mac and cheese is soft, moist, and creamy. (Though cooking it covered and then broiling it, contrary to the directions, might have had a little something to do with that. Ditto doubling the Daiya. Yay me!)

The different cheeses add an unexpected layer of cheesy tastes and melty textures to the dish; it’s like a cheese factory exploded in your mouth! (Or Miyoko Schinner’s kitchen, maybe?)

Carbs & Rec - Five-Cheese Baked Petezaroni and Cheese (0006)

Like honestly, I can’t even.


All the jjkklljl’s.


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6 Responses to “Mac & Cheese Monday: Five-Cheese Baked Pete-aroni and Cheese”

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  2. Julie Says:

    This looks amazing! I’ve been enjoying all the mac & cheese MoFo posts, and this is the most overwhelmingly-cheesy one I have seen so far! :D

  3. Jill Says:

    Wow that looks so intense!!! I’m very intrigued by this!

  4. Kelly Garbato Says:

    @Julie – I know, right! I’m not even sure I could add more cheese to this dish if I wanted to. Maybe serve it on a bed of Daiya slices?

  5. Janyce Denise Glasper Says:

    Utterly droolworthy! And I’m the biggest mac n cheese fan there is to know in this world! 5 fauz cheeses in one? GET OUT! I’m making this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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